[Fatal accident] Indonesian plane carrying 189 crashes into the sea, all dead


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The fatal plane crash left its passengers no chance to return to their land.

The Lion Air flight JT-610, an Indonesian jet carrying 189 people on board has crashed off after taking off from Jakarta, on its way to Pangkal Pinang.

The Lion Air Flight JT-610
The Lion Air Flight JT-610 before take off (Image source: Jetphotos)

No one was lucky enough to escape from the tragic when the fatal crash occured only 13 minutes after its takeoff at the North side of the Indonesian city.
Before the disaster, the Lion Air flight JT-610's pilot Bhavye Sunya (an Indian national) reported having 'technical difficulties’ and delivered a request for a turning back to the airport, which was granted right afterwards by the traffic control. Unfortunately, moments later, the plane had disappeared and went on to crashed 5,000 ft into the sea. 

Remains of the Lion Air flight JT-610

The fatal plane crash cost the lives of all 189 passengers

A technical record of the previous flight the Indonesian plane had, showed an 'unreliable' airspeed reading. Also, there had been a conflicting altitude reading done by the first officer and captain just a day before, that might be the premise for the fatal plane crash the next day.
Furthermore, the websites that got the flight's data showed that the plane was speeding up when it lost altitude.
The social media in the country started to get crowded with the pictures of the crash shared online by the head of disaster relief that showed the remains of the plane floating on the sea with personal belongings of the flight passengers.

The relatives moaning for the Lion Air flight JT-610 fatal plane crash

Relatives of the victims converge to moan for the tragic

Divers searching for debris of the Lion Air flight JT-610

Divers are searching for the plane's debris

Photos also showed the families and relatives of the passengers all heartbroken at Soekarno Hatta International airport, Jakarta and waiting for some news with regards to the fatal plane crash.

The recovered debris from the crashed Indonesian plane brought to Jakarta

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