Using cow dung to cool down Toyota Corolla car? This Indian woman confirms it works!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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You have to see this Indian woman that used cow dung to plaster her Toyota Corolla car claiming it cools it down in the harsh temperature. The car looks cool, literally!

At first, you might think made this up, right? Well, we didn’t!

This is actually 100% real and it has been reported to have happened at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. A certain Indian woman in this area has drawn a lot of attention as she came up with a so-called “brilliant idea” to help keep herself and her car cool as she drives in the harsh weather condition of her area by plastering her Toyota Corolla car with pure cow dung. Yes, “Cow Shit”!


When you plaster a Toyota Corolla with cow dung then we guess it becomes a “Cow-rolla”, right?

The temperatures around the state of Gujarat can actually rise as high as 107 Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) and keeping a vehicle’s engine cool at such temperature can really be a problem.

The Indian woman explained how the heat experienced in the area has been unbearable for her, especially driving with the windows down. So, the application of the cow waste mixed with little mud really helped her solve the cooling problem.

She was quoted saying;

“It not only keeps my car cool but also helps in preventing pollution. The harmful gases that are released while we use car A.C increase the temperatures and contribute to global warming. I drive my car switching off the A.C as the cow-dung keeps it cool”.

She even went as far as upgrading her new design by painting some cool ornamental designs on the already plastered Corolla car to actually make it look even more “cool”.


Viral photo of the Indian woman posing with her “Cow dung” plastered Toyota Corolla

Pictures of the hilarious now brown-coloured Corolla were taken right at the mid of the city of Ahmedabad in the very western region of India and have since then gone viral on all social media platforms.

Now, jokes apart; Cow dung is scientifically right as a natural heat insulator. It is used all over the rural areas of India to help keep huts and houses cool especially during the summer periods.

See how she came up with this idea!

Strange people trying strange things are all over the world! But if it works, it deserves an applause!

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