Indian version of Akin-Olygbade adds 6 customized Rolls-Royces to his collection


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Though having got more than 10 Rolls-Royces, Reuben Singh has just added 6 others from the British brand. The extravagant order has Roll-Royce CEO personally delivered it to the billionaire's private house.

Speaking of Rolls-Royce, the luxury brand for the higher class consumers, we are often wired to thinking about professional footballers who would need some days or weeks of playing to prepare for a British beast of this kind or more commonly, the Nigerian Billionaire Akin-Olugbade who is a true Roll-Royce collector. But today, will present you the one guy whose name should from now on be engraved in you mind if you are ever a fan of Rolls-Royce because he is surely one as well.


Reuben Singh is a true fan of the British auto brand

Reuben Singh, the CEO of Isher Capital and AlldayPA, an Indian living in the UK, is very famous for his fleet of top-notch cars from luxury brands across the globe. But above all, Rolls-Royce is the most haunting brand to his hobby of collecting super expensive cars. With a garage already houses more than 10 cars with the Rolls-Royce badges on, a Lamborghini Huracan, a Pagani Huayara, a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Bugatti Veyron, and a Ferrari F12 Berlinette Limited Edition, the Indian tycoon has once again wowed the luxury car enthusiast community with 3 newly acquired Phantoms And 3 Cullinan SUVs.

Video: Reuben Singh's Luxury Car Collection

Especially, the 6 exotic pieces of automotive toy come in customized paint of Emerald Green, Ruby, and Sapphire, and were personally delivered to the private accommodation of the Billionaire by the CEO of the British car brand, Torsten Muller-Otvos.


He just added 6 Rolls-Royce to his fleet


The CEO of the British car brand personally delivered all those 6 to the Idian private accommodation

Among those Rolls-Royces, the least expensive (Rolls-Royce Cullinan) costs up to £250k (~N114b) while the price for the Phantom starts at £360k (~N169b).


He owns a great collection of exotic cars


Lots of times we share photos of his car matching the color of his outfits


The tycoon's car collection consists of most of the models from the British brand


The Idian is always caught wearing his turban


The red Rolls-Royce matches with his turban


Lots of times we share photos of his car matching the color of his outfits


Seems like his desire to have a new Rolls-Royce never ends


Reuben Singh is currently living in the UK


Aside from Rolls-Royce, he has a collection of supercars from various car brands

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