Indian taxi driver saves elderly passenger from being scammed out of ₦9 m in US


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Here's the moment a taxi driver went out of his way to save his elderly passenger from being scammed out of $25k.

An Indian taxi driver in California, US, has given us reasons to believe good people still abound, even among cabbies, after saving a 91-year-old woman from being scammed of $25,000 (₦9 million)

Rajbir Singh suspected something wasn't right when the elderly passenger he picked up in Roseville CA said she was going to the bank to withdraw a huge sum of money to pay off an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt.


Rajbir Singh flanked by Roseville police officers

He voiced out his suspicion to the elderly woman, asking her to reconsider going to withdraw the money, as it sounded like a scam to him. The woman didn't believe him and he had to go as far as taking another route and heading to the police station just to make her have a rethink of the withdrawal.

Singh, who owns and runs a taxi service called Roseville Cab told reporters,

I am an honest guy and these are old people. They need help.

It just made sense.

Singh said he continued talking to the old woman until she revealed that she received a call from someone who asked her to get the money. And when he asked her if the caller was a family member, she went silent.

As Naijauto gathered, the woman agreed that Singh should call the number of the person posing as an IRS officer.

According to Singh,

We called this number again and I asked the man, 'Do you know this lady?' He said no.

I knew something was wrong.

Singh said he pressed the imposter, telling him that he has been speaking with a 92-year-old woman and now she's nervous. The imposter immediately hung up on him. After many attempts to get back to the man, the number blocked them.

Despite the whole drama, the old woman wouldn't believe Singh, so he decided to come up with another plan.

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Singh has his own cab service called Roseville Cab

While sharing the story on their Facebook page, the Roseville Police department said,

Raj pleaded with the woman to reconsider so they agreed to stop by the Roseville Police Station to ask an officer

The police stated Singh brought the woman to the station and told them everything. The police then spoke to the elderly woman.

Their conversation with the woman worked and she finally believed it was indeed a scam.

The police wrote,

We love this story because several times throughout, Raj could have just taken his customer to her stop and not worried about her wellbeing," Roseville police said in the Facebook post. "He took time from his day and had the great forethought to bring the almost-victim to the police station for an official response

In their written statement, the Roseville Police department stated Singh "deserved a great citizen award."

His quick thinking saved a senior citizen $25,000 and for that, we greatly appreciate his efforts.

With the woman's money still safe in her account, Singh drove her home. A week later, Singh got a call from the police station, requesting his presence.

He went there and the officers presented a $50 gift card to him as a way to appreciate him.

We've heard countless stories of how passengers were illtreated by their Uber/Taxi drivers here in Nigeria. But here's the case of a Taxi driver who went out of his way to save his passenger from getting scammed. For one, he could have just driven the old woman to the bank and gone about his business, which he didn't. Compassionate Singh was concerned about her wellbeing, more than he was about collecting her fare. And that is a virtue that is lacking in many of our transport service providers here in the country.

Hope this story drives our UberTaxi drivers to positivity.

Here's Raj , posing with two officials of Roseville police 

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