Ungrateful young Indian pushes his ₦18m BMW birthday gift into river, wanted Jaguar


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We just have to agree with the police that this young man who pushed his BMW birthday gift worth ₦18 million into the river is mentally unstable!

An 18-year-old young man from India is trending online after he did the unthinkable! He pushed the brand new BMW his parents gave him as a birthday gift, into a river!

Reports reaching Naijauto says the new BMW 3-series valued at ₦18 million that the young man received as a gift wasn't the car he was hoping to get. Rather he wanted a Jaguar from his parents which didn't come forth. Angered by the gift, the man identified as Akashi, drove the BMW to the side of a river and pushed it into the river.


The BMW as it's being pushed into the river


The white BMW sinking into the river

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Video footage which was posted online by the ungrateful young man showed the BMW gradually submerging into the river. It was apparent that the car wasn't about to go down into the river as it resurfaced. Locals in the area were seen trying to drag the car out.


The local residents trying to save the BMW that was pushed into the river

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In a written statement, the police said,

"Akash was unhappy with his father for not buying him (a) Jaguar.

He deliberately pushed (the) luxury vehicle BMW into the river"

According to an eye witness, local residents tried to stop the BMW from sinking with the fear that there's an occupant inside the car however it turned out to be empty.

The police said that they've not filed any charges against the young man with the report that he's mentally unstable and so is undergoing medical attention.

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