[Video] Indian police violently beat motorists amidst coronavirus mandatory lockdown


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Amidst the growing coronavirus pandemic, the Indian police were captured beating people found flouting the lockdown order. Watch the video!

As the deadly coronavirus with the codename COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, many countries are already enforcing strict rules against movement or any form of human contact. This restriction is necessary to reduce the number of tested cases and eliminate the virus from the countries. Many states already in Nigeria are on lockdown and defaulters will be asked to pay a sum of ₦100,000 or 3 months of community service.


Defaulters of lockdown order in India amidst the growing coronavirus were flogged on the streets by the police

From the latest report, India kicked off its national lockdown on the 25th of March, 2020. This total lockdown is expected to be in full force for 21 days. It seems the country is also making sure everyone obeys by embracing violent ways to enforce the new lockdown law. Having as much population as 1.3 billion people might cause a bit of panic considering the mortality rate experienced with countries of less population and better health systems.


Some of the punishments meted out to the motorists in India by the police were captured and shared online

The lockdown in India doesn’t necessarily restrict people from leaving their homes, but they are only expected to be outside only if they need to procure essential home needs like foods and drugs. From what we learnt, the Indian police might be taking it a bit extreme by picking up people at random while unleashing terror on them.

From the short video shared online, car owners, tricylists and motorcyclists were captured being beaten violently by the country’s police for disobeying the lockdown order. Other officers in some parts of the country have adopted a less stiff method of punishing the offenders, by asking them to squat or do some pushups right on the street.

Video: Indian police use violence against coronavirus lockdown offenders

Police mishandling isn’t strange to many motorists in Nigeria as several cases have been mentioned online and videos shared as well. Some months ago, a Nigerian police officer allegedly hit car & assaulted its owner for demanding apologyWe are appealing to people to stay safe at home and go out only when they need to get food or other essentials.

Stay safe!

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