Indian man sets his Jeep on fire while friend recorded; both sent to jail


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Who does that! An Indian man couldn't contain his anger when his car battery refused to start his Jeep and he ended up setting the car on fire. His friend recorded the scene and made his video viral online. Police have arrested both of them, see more details below!

This is unbelievable and at the same time, ridiculous!

An Indian man has just set his Jeep on fire while his friend recorded the incident. Why on earth would he do that?

The man who was identified as Indrajeet Singh Jadeya had made an attempt to start his car and it didn’t, which seemed to be a battery problem. Instead of engaging the services of a mechanic to identify and fix the car, he got angry and set the Jeep on fire, on the street.

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The Jeep burning after being doused with fuel

Naijauto gathered that the incident happened at Rajkot in India. Indrajeet got infuriated by the battery's inability to start his Jeep so he ended up setting the car ablaze.

His friend, Naimish Gohil filmed the whole drama on a video recording and sharing app called Tik Tok. The video went viral on social media. The police got wind of the incident and went after Indrajeet and his friend. Both of them were arrested and charged for vandalizing government property - the road.

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Here's the video Indrajeet Singh Jadeya set his Jeep on fire!

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