True story! An Indian king converted 6 Rolls-Royce into waste collection vehicles


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What could have made a king to get angry to the extent of turning an expensive luxury car into waste collection vehicle? Check details below!

Just in case you didn’t know; twenty percent of the entire manufactured Rolls-Royce luxury cars built before 1st World War was procured by the Indians. This therefore alerted us here on Naijauto to the statistics that for every two hundred maharajas, there is an estimated acquired 3.5 cars from Rolls-Royce.

This is the story of the famous Maharaja of Alwar, King Jai Singh, who decided to take revenge on this luxury brand, Rolls-Royce, by converting his vehicles into garbage collectors.


There was an obvious obsession with Rolls-Royce cars by the Indian princes before the First World War

How did this happen?

An Indian man, in the 1920s, walked into Rolls-Royce dealership in central London, in simple attire, to make an inquiry on how much the Phantom II Tourer cost.

He was snubbed by the Rolls-Royce’s salesman due to his appearance, and he was asked to leave the company’s showroom. On getting back to his room in the hotel, he told his servants to inform the Rolls-Royce Showroom indicating King Jai Singh’s interest in purchasing a Rolls-Royce car.

After few hours, the young man approached the same showroom, but with a different look filled with full stunning royal manner in his royal regalia, stepping on a red carpet with massive respect from the salesmen present.

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King Jai Singh - The Indian king who turned his six Rolls-Royce into waste collection vehicles

The young man acquired all the 6 Rolls-Royce luxury cars displayed at the showroom and gave an order that the cars should be delivered personally by the salesman to India.

Right in the presence of the salesman after reaching India with the 6 luxury cars, the king gave an order to municipal department to make use of these expensive cars for collecting and cleaning wastes found in the city.


One of the acquired Rolls-Royce luxury cars on cleaning duty in the city of India

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This news about the king’s act traveled round the world like wildfire. As a result of the serious damaging effect and bad image this gave the luxury brand, sales of Rolls-Royce’s cars dropped quickly. In order to resolve this problem, the company sent a telegram to the maharaja’s palace in Alwar, apologizing and imploring the king to stop using those Rolls-Royce cars as waste collection vehicles.

In 2004, Maharaja Jeetender Singh of Alwar disclosed:

"That incident was burnt into the collective family memory,”

“We were perhaps the only royal family that was allowed to buy any car except a Rolls-Royce. We have numerous vintage cars but not a single Rolls”


Who do you think can use Cullinan - world's most expensive SUV - as waste collection vehicle in Nigeria? 

The luxury brand today boasts of impressive and renowned lineup such as the Wraith, Ghost, Phantom, Cullinan and Dawn.

Do you think the royal house in India truly forgave Rolls-Royce?

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