NBS announces increasing number of cars and driver licenses: what we can infer?


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The score cards are out and the results are showing that Nigerian roads have 11.8 million cars on them. This is according to National Bureau of Statistics. Check it here!

The National Bureau of statistics NBS has released the result for the fourth quarter of 2018. While there are some positive things, there remain several negatives that need to be worked on in order to preserve the lives of the general populace. According to the NBS, there has been a steady increase in the number of licensed cars on the Nigerian roads. Naijauto brings you the details!

1. Increase in the number of licensed cars on Nigerian roads in 2018

The number for the fourth quarter of 2018 shows that 11.8 million cars were given licenses. This shows an increase when compared to the fourth quarter of 2017 which had 11.6 million cars that were issued licenses. The report also confirmed that the rise in the number of licensed cars over four quarters (between 2017 and 2018) has been 2%.


The number of licensed vehicles in Nigeria has increased by 2% over a year!

With the state of the economy, it looks like more and more people are going into commercial vehicle business, considering that the numbers of licensed commercial vehicles recorded by the Nigerian Bureau of statistics were the highest of 41%, of the total cars licensed in Q4 of 2018 alone. On the other end are diplomatic cars which had 0.05% of the total number of the licensed car in Q4 of 2018. In all a total of 13, 505 number plates were produced in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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2. The permission is given - Number of licensed drivers!

With continuous population growth, Nigeria, according to the statistics body, is estimated to have a population of 198 million, and a vehicle to population ratio of 0.06. Furthermore, the Bureau of statistics records shows that a total of 630,868 driver's licenses were issued in 2018, while in the fourth quarter alone 185,883 persons got driver’s licenses issued to them.

With some 75,446 fresh licenses issued, it seems as though more people are learning to drive and driving schools are making a kill out of it. For reissue and renewal, 14,802 driver’s licenses were given to this category with Lagos and Abuja having the highest number of issued driver's license in Q4 of 2018. Zamfara and Kebbi had the lowest number of driver’s license issued in Q4 of 2018.

Don't know why they allow this car and driver travel on road!

The leading state in terms of driver’s license produced is still Lagos state with a total number of 42,402 licenses issued amounting to some to 22.8% of the total number of license produced. Abuja comes close where a total number of 20,573 driver’s license as Oyo comes next with 11,757 licenses given. The percentage of these licenses comes to 11.1% and 6.3% for both Abuja and Oyo respectively.

Zamfara, Kebbi, and Yobe had the lowest number of driver’s licenses issued with 367 licenses, 371 licenses, and 475 driver’s licenses respectively.                               

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3. What can we infer from these number?

Even though the report shows that the distribution of vehicles across the country is not even, it can be inferred from the report that one in six Nigerians has a vehicle. Also, with the increase in the estimated population of the country, a 2% increase in the number of licensed vehicles, therefore, isn't so much.

With an increase in the vehicle population, comes the downside of increased road crashes as reports of the NBS have shown. NBS reports show that there was an increased 19% for people involved in road crashes in the fourth quarter of 2018. The figure stands at 18,729 people when juxtaposed with the 2017 Q4 numbers of 15,696 people. Doing the math yields a 19% increase when compared to the immediately previous year.


Car crashes have also increased over a one year period due to increased vehicle population!

Also, a record of the vehicles that took part in these road crashes is documented as 3,495 vehicles in Quarter 4 of 2018 alone. Cars were seen to be the most involved with 1,312 cars in road crashes. The minibus took second place with 821 road crash cases, while motorcycles and trucks recorded 747 cases and 460 cases respectively. Tankers and trailers were also not excluded from the report as they totaled 85 road crash issues and 182 cases respectively.

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4. Wrapping up!

The fact that people are in constant movement from one destination to another, shows that modes and means of travel will continue to increase even as the population of people locally and around the world also continues to grow.  A Bernstein report estimates that by 2040 cars on the road and the kilometers of air travel covered will be almost twice the present figure. Cars’ forecasts predict a total of 2 billion cars and air flight travel distance is predicted to hit 20 trillion kilometers both by the year 2040.

With all these said, Naijauto feels the economic impact of the increased car population should not be lost on us. The initial cost of buying a car is one thing the maintenance cost is another thing. This, therefore, means that there will be more jobs to do for automobile professionals including mechanics, part dealers, car designers and builders, even those planning to go into fuel station business are in for a prosperous time.

With the dwindling opportunities for car manufacturing and assemblage in Nigeria over the past years, the Nigerian automobile space is ripe for a local car manufacturing brand to come out of Nigeria if only the government of the day is willing to institute a fostering and enabling policies to help the auto industry in Nigeria thrive and flourish.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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