Ilorin heavy rainfall destroys cars, buildings and shops


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A heavy rain that fell in Ilorin has destroyed people's properties. Read up the experience of each of the victim!

With every rainy season comes the aftermath which in most cases leaves a devastating effect on people. Olunlade area, Ilorin has been left at the mercy of heavy rain which fell on Wednesday destroying the properties of its residents. Reports reaching Naijauto says cars, buildings, and shops were wrecked after the heavy rain turned to flood in every part of the area.

The heavy downpour started in the evening, around and went on for three hours.

Some of the residents whose properties were affected by the flood lamented over the aftermath of the rain, the destruction of their properties.


Certain areas like Ilorin suffer serious damages whenever rainy season comes

A resident identified as Mr.Femi Olaoye lost his house in the process. He told newsmen that the rain flooded his kitchen and sitting room.

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"I was bitter and sad as there is nothing I could do to stop the flood from entering my house. It was only me and my two children at home. I wept bitterly to witness such terrible occurrence.

All my electronics were damaged beyond repair. Even the bedroom has turned to swimming pool. I am confused."

Another victim named Mr. Yusuf Taiwan said, the heavy rain was a torment as he lost his electronics, furniture, and bookshelf.

"Even some vital documents that I placed on the floor in my room have been destroyed by the flood.

I don’t know what to do because am confused at the moment.  I never expect the extent of the damage done by the flood.  It was a shock"


Cars weren't left as they were submerged in the flood

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Shops weren't spared as well.Mrs.Ronke Idowu said the provisions in her shop were damaged.

"It is a total loss for me as there is nothing left for sale. All the cartons of biscuit, noodles, sweet and soaps were damaged by the flood.

Some were on the bare floor in my shop that made it easy for them to be destroyed beyond retrieval."

Mr.Timilehin Olubiyo stated that he has left the building with members of his family after the incident happened because the place is no longer safe and habitable.


Even after the flood left, many problems remain

"I immediately move my family to a friend’s house. Even I cannot take ordinary clothes along as all my clothes were damaged.

“t is very unfortunate. I am not happy at all. We want government’s intervention on time."

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A taxi driver also came forward to share his own story. He said his car almost sank in the flood

"I don’t know what to do. I parked it in front of my house and because of the downpour, before I realized it, it was water filled. I can’t move it now because it’s not starting when I try to start it.

My concern now is how to make a living since I rely on the car for my livelihood. It is only God that can help me so that I won’t to shame."

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