If you saw your car hacked, would you do like this woman?


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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A brave woman in the US had found her own way to prevent the car thief.

Melissa Smith, the owner of a white SUV realized a car thief was trying to hack her car when she stopped for a fuel fill-up. Immediately, she climbed to the car hood and managed to cling to the SUV without hesitance.

a woman climbing on her car

Smith quickly climbed to the top of her car

Though the carjacker had tried to accelerate to get her off, he didn’t succeed. Finally, the thief had to quit, getting away with a waiting car nearby. Smith’s car continued to run on the road, so she quickly jumped in the cabin to regain its control.

car jacker running away

The car thief had run away

In the interview, she said she didn’t have enough time to think about its consequences. Only when everything was over could she realize how dangerous it was.

Video shows the bravery of this 28-year-old lady

Should you be in a similar scenario, will you dare to act like Smith?

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Hassana Obi

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