If Iron Man has an autonomous supercar, it would look like this


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You should be amazed when you see its resemblance to the infamous Iron Man

1. The story behind

The Stark MK-Xv is inspired by Tony Stark's Iron Man armor in terms of color and some other details.

Supercars only occupy a tiny segment of the total car market, but that does not stop them from attracting and stimulating our imagination. In fact, that might be the very reason why we're so fascinated with supercars. For people with loads of money, they can participate in bidding events and compete with other wealthy individuals for a supercar that they love. And for people without money, supercars can be a part of their life too, through the presence in the bedroom, on the desk in the form of large, colored poster or miniature replicas.

The Stark MK-Xv angular front

There an inner child inside every one of us that never dies. He just waits for the right moment to get out

After all, we are all a child deep down inside and we have never stopped being interested in thinking about the future, where supercars will be (hopefully) prevalent. The car designer Nick Pugh, who has contributed to the superhero movie "Logan" in 2017, has some ideas for future cars, including the idea of fully automating all sort of cars. Supercars are getting faster and faster. A supercar can now have 1,000 horsepower, even Rimac supercar manufacturer Croatia has confirmed their new C-Two will have nearly 2,000 horsepower. There seems to be no upper limit on the mechanical perspective, but there is a one amongst use human beings.

the Stark MK-Vx angular rear

It's not impossible hard to surpass the mechanical limit, it's the human tolerance threshold that slows us down

Because cars are getting faster, stronger and more advanced, their capabilities go beyond what ordinary people can drive or control. Of course, professional riders are also getting better too, but they are not the only ones who buy a car. The launch of the super-automated-car will be an effective solution to the problem. For many people, this idea sounds ridiculous, because the supercar is meant to give people the exciting experience of actually controlling it. All of the self-driving concept cars that we've seen so far have favored the concept of "living room on wheels."

Research companies focused more on the utility and safety aspects. Performance and excitement are factors that are rarely emphasized in a self-driven car. After all, driving a supercar is definitely more fun than being a "bored" passenger on a supercar. But the future of driving a supercar may not be as gloomy as it seems. Pugh's reasoning is quite reasonable, because most of us are just so-so drivers (even bad ones), so even our regular cars have restrictions on the car's functionality so that we would not cross some sort of line even if we wanted to. Limitations in a supercar are, indeed, much rigid than that.

Stark MK-Vx steering wheel

Who says you shouldn't feel comfortable in a sports car? 

"The automation future is becoming more meaningful when you imagine a car that can actually hit its true potential by overcoming the weakest link in the present, the human driver. Mr. Pugh explained. "Driving a super fully-automated car will bring passengers quality ride luxury in safety and experience that is currently not possible if we stuck with the technology that is designed partly for human".

2. The vision

In Pugh's eyes, a supercar needs to appear fast, expensive and flashy. People need to know that they are looking at something very special. Supercar in the future still has to keep these key features. The result of Nick Pugh's idea is something out of science fiction: a complete supercar, three seats (triangular layout) called the Stark MK-Xv. If you find the name of the car somewhat familiar, it was inspired by Tony Stark's Iron Man armor, in terms of color and some other details. But the exclusive autopilot feature and the reason why it's put in the supercar segment are entirely Pugh's vision.

a Stark MK-Vx from above

Since it's fully-automated, the presence of most human controls and buttons are no longer needed

He explains that because expensive driver controls for human are no longer needed in the Mk-Xv, the car does not need a dashboard. The driver will feel more connected to the road as the windshield cover almost the whole the bonnet. The frontal view of the road must be very broad and clear. At other angles in the interior, the car has a large digital display to show the view around in real time, so the driver will feel like they are in a cockpit of a plane.

Supercar in Pugh's imagination also has extremely crazy performance targets such as accelerating from 0-96 km/h in 1.6 seconds, top speed of 480 km / h, maximum torque 9,000 lb-ft, full-time four-wheel drive, and 800 km travel distance.

3. The sensation technology

Currently, we have only 5-speed automatic steering, but the Stark MK-XV is an advanced product of the future, so it will have two more levels of self-driving: Creative Performance Automation (CPA) and Passenger Emotive Automation (PEA). The CPA means that the car's system can understand what driving for pleasure is and can "make a choice that gives excitement and emotion to the person sitting inside." The driver can also join by using a joystick and gas pedal. Now let's take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about driving a fast-paced sports car powered by a sophisticated computer that will never let you crash.

PEA means that the car can read the feelings of the passenger through facial expressions, hormone levels, and heart rate. This helps to adjust the overall driving experience to suit the comfort level of the passenger.

a Stark MK-Vx with its door open

Push promised the driver would feel like sitting inside an airplane cockpit

Passenger comfort level is a very important detail in this futuristic supercar because it has the potential to push people to the very limits of the human body. With the auto-pilot able to reach capacity beyond the human body's tolerance, it will need to be equipped with a new G-Seat seat to safely protect passengers and prevent them from being injured. What's more, the car should have airbags that can be used several times to improve the level of safety.

Finally, because the car is equipped with four electric motors on all four wheels, Mr. Pugh can be creative with the arrangement of the seats inside. The MK-XV has a traditional seat position, but if the driver wishes, they can launch a "flying" position forward. Pugh believes that this will enhance MK-XV's "drive for pleasure" experience.

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