Reinventing the wheels - Hyundai introduces hi-tech steering wheel with touchscreen!


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The new innovation of steering wheel with a touchscreen by Hyundai is expected to be more intuitive for the driver. Its acceptance by users is another story. Check details below!

Change is constant and can't be stopped, but can sometimes be hard to come to terms with.

Naijauto notes that the technology of touchscreens has been in wide circulation in the telecommunications world, and has been widely accepted. The era of the touchscreen, however, is slowly becoming a thing in the automobile industry.

The case in point here is Hyundai’s quest to include a touchscreen on the steering wheel as a feature in its new models. This, in some ways, is like reinventing the wheels, but with a little bit of scepticism as the reception by users is not sacrosanct.

Hyundai’s latest innovation - the Human-Machine Virtual Cockpit concept as it is called, is a touchscreen technology for the steering wheel that has been in development since 2015. The present version has gone through three generations and is the fourth version of the tech.

The reason behind this for Hyundai is simply to decongest the car of buttons and rocker switches that might be a distraction to drivers. Another thing Hyundai is considering is the intuitiveness of a touchscreen for a driver, as the touchscreens on the steering wheel are two panels, making controls easier for drivers.


The touchscreen steering wheel is supposed to be more intuitive, giving drivers more control!

The menu on the steering wheel touch screens can be populated based on the present driving situation, as well as the instrument clusters in use. The interface allows for customisation just like that of a smartphone, with shortcuts for the driver's convenience. Also, the infotainment system is another point of change for the menu on the touch screen. This, no doubt is a nice technology.

The only question left here is if this novel technology is good and if it will be well accepted. Another case in point will be Honda's automatic climate and volume controls. With the de-cluttering of buttons, and using sensors for activation, one will think users will quickly warm-up to it. But, no! The feedback was one of mixed feelings from users. Some say the responsiveness of buttons outweighs that of touchscreens and as such are asking why reinventing the wheels.

Take a look at this innovative feature & see how you react!

In all, a touchscreen isn't such a bad idea especially as it ensures the car is clean with less button loitering around. The ability of the touchscreen to also embody so many buttons that can be called up at a touch is quite fantastic. The onus on Hyundai now is to make sure that the touchscreen is glitch-free, allowing it to work as it should, thereby becoming the trendsetter in automobile ergonomics of the future.

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