Nigeria market set to receive the re-imagined Hyundai Sonata


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Hyundai is going all out to engineer a Hyundai Sonata that is the symbol of everything the Sonata has come to be known for, and it's coming to Nigeria.

Nigerian Hyundai lovers are in for a rare treat as Hyundai Nigeria gears to launch a reimagined and re-outfitted Hyundai Sonata to the Nigerian auto market for cmpact sedans.

The new Sonata, which will be a four door, sporty sedan modeled along coupe lines, will be the 8th generation of the nameplate. Hyundai described the overall styling as “sensuous sportiness”

Hyundai Motor Company’s styling head honcho, Vice President Simon Loasby made this known as the company premiered the Sonata as well as the Palisade SUV that targets the E-segment. This was in Seoul, South Korea.

Mr Loasby also communicated that the new Sonata had been restyled generally using Hyundai 3rd generation platform.


The new Sonata is remodeled to showcase the zenith of the Sonata brand

What is new about the new Sonata?

First of all, the Sonata redesigned is supposed to be the epitome of Hyundai’s look for the future. Recall that going back to 1985, the Sonata is easily Hyundai’s longest running brand and completely one of its most successful marketing-wise. The new Sonata incorporates improved safety technology and advanced systems designed to integrate into the car’s electronic and physical structure at an instinctive level. Add to these the mainstay of current Hyundai experience that includes great exterior design, fuel efficiency, and superlative performance, and you do indeed arrive at the cynosure of tomorrow.

The new Hyundai Sonata also ranks high in driver and passenger comfort, advanced infotainment technology and partners effectively with Bose for an unforgettable audio expression.

Mr Loasby adds the reimagined Sonata though new, relies a lot on the proven and trusted platform of the 3rd generation, thus providing stability in style and engineering. This gives the sedan a center of gravity that is optimal for safe and sporty driving even in less than ideal terrains.

My Loasby’s statement in part reads:

 “The new generation Sonata is also offering reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency, while achieving stronger durability with the new platform.”

Going further, the new Hyundai demonstrates a marked advancement in collision prevention and control technology, which is possible due to a multi-load-path algorithm, ‘Hot Stamping’ as well as a rugged high tensile steel body.

“The sophisticated multi-load path increases the energy absorbed by the vehicle in a collision thus improving safety and minimizing collision impact in the passenger cabin.”

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Concluding,  Fayez Abdul Rahman, Hyundai’s VP for Architecture Group says:

“Through implementation of the third-generation platform, the new generation Sonata is expected to provide world-class value in overall vehicle performance. The new Sonata will gradually expand the use of new platform in order to provide joy of driving and comfort to the customers.”

Nigeria has traditionally loved the Sonata, and there is likely to be a good reception for this model that basically provides the best of a Sonata, and then some.

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