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The South Korean company Hyundai Motors Nigeria has been taking the Nigerian auto market by storm for years now with its sleek designs and performance models. So, what makes its success today and what models you should be expecting to buy? All will be revealed here!

1. Overview of Hyundai Motors

Gone are the days when we could easily mention all of the automotive brands around. These days, we have so many that many people would hardly know half of them.

Nonetheless, Hyundai Motors Nigeria, with Hyundai adopted from "Hanja" meaning Modernity in Korean, has been in the business of designing and production of vehicles for several years now.

The company has built a pedigree for itself as a manufacturer of unrivaled quality and attractive vehicles.


The Hyundai brand has been at the frontline of sleek design and cutting-edge tech in the auto industry

The South Korean company was founded in 1947 by Chung JU-Yung, as a small business under the name Hyundai Engineering and Construction, later to be officially launched in 1967 as a brand. The sole purpose of this business at a time was to help South Korean recover from the losses of the Second World War and aid industrialization and national building.

The business hope of the founder at the earlier stage was dashed by the Korean war. He had to forfeit his business plan and later took a job at the country’s Ministry of Transportation. It was through his experience from his newfound job that led to the birth of the global brand we see today.

Take a close look at some of the state-of-the-art techniques deployed by Hyundai Motors in its production line at one of its plants:

Video: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

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In 1968, Hyundai introduced its very first car dubbed “the Cortina”, which was a partnership between the company and the American company known as Ford Motor Company.

The acceptance of this model made a good impression of a long-lasting presence in the auto industry till date.

As a result, the company engaged the workmanship of many British automobile engineers and executives to help Hyundai in the mass production of quality products.

The plant at Ulsan where the very first model was produced has been the company’s major manufacturing plant till date.

Hyundai now has a yearly production capacity of an estimated 1.6 million units of vehicles to several countries across the planet.

Addresses of Hyundai Motors in Nigeria

Hyundai Motors has been in Nigeria for quite a while now. Their country’s office Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited is set up to bring the brand’s products to Nigeria and also to provide other services such as aftersales, repair, and provision of replacement parts.

Their physical presence in Nigeria has been nothing short of success as many Nigerians now believe in the brand. They also offer car finance schemes and fixing of local prices.

Their headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.


The Hyundai brand has been brought closer to Nigeria through its various offices across the federation

  • Hyundai Ikeja office and showroom

One of the major local offices of Hyundai Motors in Nigeria is the one in Ikeja, Lagos State. The Ikeja office offers a showroom where Nigerians can gain access to their new products and old vehicles ranging from sedan, SUVs, and truck, as well as spare parts in any case of replacement.

They also have highly qualified engineers who are always on the ground to help out with repairs and servicing, at affordable rates.

Other addresses of Hyundai offices and dealerships in Nigeria

While we have independent companies that sell Hyundai vehicles in Nigeria such as Global Motor Holding, Stallion Motors Limited, Coscharis Motors, Enebros Motors Limited, and Sata Motors Limited, here are some of the addresses of Hyundai direct local offices in the country:

Hyundai Motors local offices and showrooms in Nigeria
Location  Address and contact info

Address: 270 A Ajose Adeogun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: 0805 100 0313


Address: Plot 7, Block J, Northern Industrial Estate, Murtala Muhammed Highway, Calabar.

Tel: 08039765000 or 08059765000


Address: No. 8, Assumpta Avenue, Fuason Ind. Compound, Next To Life Line Assembly Church, Owerri, Imo

Tel: 08141337637

Port Harcourt Address: Plot 117, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port-Harcourt, River State
Tel: 08057000150 or 08054299999
Abuja Address: Plot No 581, AO Central Business District, Abuja
Tel: 07056992214, or 08034099999
Enugu Address: No. 6, Opposite Arab Contractor Enugu Port Harcourt Express Way, Enugu
Tel: 08104656736

Address: Plot No 52 Opposite Capital Building, PHCN Zonal Headquarters, Adeoyo Roundabout Bus Stop, Ring Road.

Tel: 08039765001


Address: 10, Club Road, Kano

Tel: 064-640860-1

Sokoto Address: No. 5, Gusau Road, Sokoto
Tel: 08169894027

Popular Hyundai cars in Nigeria

This list is a compilation and brief overview of common Hyundai vehicles and models you will see around in Nigeria. You can also take a look at our comprehensive price list for Hyundai cars as well as some expert reviews.

1. Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra otherwise known as Hyundai Avante in its home country is a compact car manufactured and marketed by the South Korean carmaker since 1990. The front-engine model offers a front-wheel drivetrain, replacing the Hyundai Stellar.

The model is currently in its 7th generation.


The Hyundai Elantra is an elegant and well-styled sedan available for every Nigerian

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2. Hyundai Sonata

This is a mid-size vehicle from Hyundai. It was introduced in 1985 as a first-generation model and also as a facelifted and performance-upgraded version of the Hyundai Stellar.


The Hyundai Sonata was manufactured to cope with the increasing demands for quality products

3. Hyundai Accent

Though this model is known as Hyundai Verna in South Korea, most Nigerians know it as the Hyundai Accent. It is a subcompact car manufactured and produced by the South Korean carmaker.


The Hyundai Accent might look a bit smaller than other models but it offers good value for its price

4. Hyundai Tucson

One of the most popular Hyundai products you will see on the Nigerian market is the Tucson. This is possible due to the people’s love for Sport Utility Vehicles. Hyundai Tucson is a compact SUV introduced in 2004. We learnt the model was named after Tucson, a city in Arizona, United States.


The Tucson SUV is one of the most loved and attractive models from the carmaker

5. Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe was introduced in 2000 as a mid-size crossover SUV. The design is based on the Sonata’s platform. The name was inspired by Sante Fe, a city in the New Mexico. In 2001, it emerged as the first SUV from the car manufacturer.

In his first year of production, the Hyundai Santa Fe became one of the most sought-after SUVs in the North American market despite earlier media criticism of its obscure looks.

It quickly emerged as the company’s best-selling SUV, which helped to push other products to the global market.


Since its launch, the Santa Fe crossover SUV has been widely accepted by car users all over the world

6. Hyundai Entourage

This is a minivan marketed by Hyundai Motor Company, most especially for the North American market between the periods of 2007 and 2008. The Hyundai Entourage is the rebadged version of Kia Sedona (second generation), produced at Sohari Plant owned by Kia.


The Hyundai Entourage is a utility minivan with enough cabin space

7. Hyundai Grandeur

The Grandeur was manufactured by Hyundai in 1986 as a mid-size luxury car. It is a little bit in the middle of the Hyundai Sonata and Genesis models. It is known in some places as the Hyundai Azera.


The Hyundai Grandeur belongs to the luxury segment in the company's series of the beautiful creation

8. Hyundai Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis is a luxury full-size 5-passenger sedan produced by the South Korean car manufacturer since 2008.

It is currently in its second generation and one of the most expensive saloon cars out there. There is also the availability of its coupe version, which is similarly attractive and well-styled to the sedan. The coupe is the sports car variant with a rear-wheel drivetrain.


The Hyundai Genesis is an ideal luxury sedan to move around in style

Recap table: The best Hyundai Cars in Nigeria
 N/O Model (Click to get to the car-for-sale page)
 1  Hyundai Elantra
 2  Hyundai Sonata
 3  Hyundai Accent
 4  Hyundai Tucson
 5  Hyundai Santa Fe
 6  Hyundai Entourage
 7  Hyundai Grandeur
 8  Hyundai Genesis


Hyundai Motors Company has always been a force to reckon with when it comes to beautiful designs and road performance. It might not be as popular or common on Nigerian roads as Toyota, but it is up there with the rest of the other popular auto brands in the market. Most of the Hyundai Motors Nigeria products are suited to Nigerian roads with good fuel economy.

If you are interested in buying Hyundai and other similar products in Nigeria, you can take a look at our price list for the best car prices you are getting anywhere. Remember to inspect the vehicle and ask for original documents before you pay.

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