Hyundai introduces Intelligent Air Purifier for healthier drivers & passengers  


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Want your own personal answer to global air pollution? Get into the new Hyundai automatic air purification system that is bound to be the standard soon. Read more details below!

It's quite interesting how some car makers are not only inventing new technologies to improve durability and performance of vehicles but are also concerned with ways to improve their customers’ health. One thorny issue many countries are battling is air pollution and this problem has led to inhalation of harmful substances, causing damage to the body.

Hyundai is one of such automakers that care about their users’ health and have decided to equip their autos with an intelligent air purifier system. This system 'continuously' monitors and purifies the air that flows inward when in motion, and makes it cleaner for users to inhale as they drive. This intelligent auto tech was not only designed to purify the air but it also will share the result of analysis of the work done to the passengers occupying the car.


Lots of particles exist inside your car, Hyundai's intelligent system gets them out & informs you

Though, many cars sold in 2019 come with air purification systems, most are not continual, which makes Hyundai’s recent invention special.

Hyundai Intelligent air purifier is designed to make air cleaner by relying on the laser-based sensor that is embedded in the car cabin. On how it works, the Hyundai tech will sense when air is contaminated and activate automatically. It then initiates purification of the air completely and deactivates when the readings are “okay.” It then shares the result concerning the state of the purified air. In a case where the air is good, the device system detects this and lapses to a standby mode.  According to Hyundai, this process does not takes forever, as it is instant even in case where the air is very bad.

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The Hyundai intelligent air purifier is Alexa compatible

To check the air quality, car users can check this in the cabin by touching the touch screen on the car’s dashboard. Hyundai also said that car users can purify air before entering their vehicle  by giving a few command words like: “Alexa, change cabin temperature to 72 degrees and make the air excellent.” This of course is possible because the car is Alexa-compatible and integrated.

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