Hyundai introduces exoskeleton to assist industrial workers in overhead environment


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Hyundai develops a vest exoskeleton to make life safer and smoother for industrial workers in overhead environment. Check the futuristic design of this vest below!

Hyundai is not in any way attempting to create superhumans but is poised towards making life easier and safer for people in overhead working enviroment. This new creation dubbed the ‘Vest EXoskeleton’ will help industrial workers in their day to day activities, by wearing it like a backpack. This will assist them in fitting brake tubes, bolting down vehicles’ underside and the attachment of the exhausts.


Worn like a backpack, the Hyundai's exoskeleton will come handy for industrial workers in overhead environment

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The design of the exoskeleton is set to imitate human joints movements in order to bolster mobility and load support. With the weight of 2.5kg, it is 22% -45% lighter than rivaling products. What you need to do as a user is to place your arms via the vest’s shoulder strap and fasten the waist buckles and chest to start making use of this exoskeleton.

DongJin Hun, Hyundai Motor Group's robotics department boss, said:

“VEX gives workers greater load support, mobility, and adaptability when operating in overhead environments. Workers will also appreciate how light VEX is to wear and work with.”


With this vest exoskeleton, workers will be able to accomplish rigorous industrial task faster and easier

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Another interesting thing to look out for on this exoskeleton by Hyundai is the leg attachment, allowing users to sit down effectively, hereby reducing back and lower body activity of the user by forty percent. This will therefore ensure improved efficiency and fatigue reduction.

For now, the price of this stunning product is yet to be announced but the automaker is offering thirty percent reduction in price of other competing products which often cost around N1.8 million.

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