Hyundai builds cruise control that mimics the way you drive


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People will be safer driving as Hyundai builds cruise control tech with machine learning that imitates how people drive and the distance they keep from other vehicles. Check its details below!

If you are still new to the art of driving, as strangely as it might sound, you might want to congratulate yourself since you will not be going through the rigour of mastering the art of using cruise control while driving.


With the introduction of this new cruise control from Hyundai, drivers will now be in safer hands on the road

One thing is certain; we all have our unique driving styles, and they may or may not fit in perfectly with the kind of car we are driving. All thanks to the South Korean automaker; with its newly proposed technology, you can enjoy your personal experience with the cruise control more, through the addition of machine learning to this mix.

The automaker believes that people will most likely utilize its new personalized machine learning-based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML). By implication, this technology will be able to mimic your style of driving.

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How does this new Hyundai cruise control work?

The first thing it will do is to imitate the kind of distance you usually keep between the car ahead and your vehicle. After which, it will take into cognizance the pattern of acceleration and your response to traffic changes. Hyundai is certain that this new cruise control would be an advanced improvement on safety and comfort for its multiple approaches to situations while driving. Hyundai assures that the SCC-ML will be sufficiently intelligent to decipher people’s dynamic driving pattern, especially in the area of distance from another vehicle. It will recognize the changes in acceleration prior to the speed at which the car is moving.


The SCC-ML platform will be able to match your driving styles and adapt to the changes in the acceleration

Hyundai believes that this new cruise control will render adaptability as one of its skills set to drivers and will utterly reject dangerous driving habit. So, as you evolve as a driver behind the wheel, the program will adapt effectively to it.

Don’t forget that earlier; BMW announced its plan to work on a system that will be capable of reading traffic lights especially in cities. This means Hyundai is not the only car manufacturer that is working on this technology. Looks like this new innovation from Hyundai will help keep us safer on the roads.

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