Hyundai and Kia under investigation by states in US over vehicle fires


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Due to prevalent fire incidences with the vehicles using Theta II engines, read why the states in the US are carrying out intense investigation on Hyundai and Kia!

It is safe to say Hyundai and Kia Motors might be in hot soup in the United States. This is a country that doesn’t jeopardize its standard for anything. If you are supplying products to this country, approval will be based on several standard tests which include safety and environmental sustainability. These brands are among the most sought after cars in Nigeria for their exquisite designs, performance and affordability.

1. Why US states put Hyundai and Kia under investigation

A number of states in the United States are currently carrying out investigation on the South Korean auto outfits, KIA and Hyundai. This enquiry is borne out of possible suspicion of unfairness and deception in relation to different reports that sum up to hundreds of fires from their products. This statement was reported by William Tong, Attorney General in Connecticut recently.

It was learnt that these automakers recently recalled more than 2.3 million units of vehicles from 2015 till date. This decision was to address the many fire risks in the engines. In last year November, There was a report by Reuters on the decision of the federal prosecution launching a crime related investigation into these companies; Hyundai and Kia. This was to ascertain if truly the recalled vehicles on fire defect in the engine have been thoroughly checked before releasing them back to the road.


Over 2,3 million units of vehicles by Kia and Hyundai have been recalled in the US since 2015

We are aware of multiple fires involving Connecticut vehicles, including some allegedly already repaired through the recall process. This is a serious matter, and we are moving aggressively and responsibly to uncover the facts and to ensure accountability," Tong said in a statement.

However, we were made to understand that the two companies in question are cooperating well with the investigation. Hyundai also made it known that there is an improvement in its manufactured engine and efforts have been made to reach out to the customers. Contrary to this, the spokeswoman to the Connecticut attorney general refused to declare the number of states that are taking part in this process.

2. Recall reports from Hyundai and Kia Motors

There was also another report from Reuters earlier this year in January that Kia and Hyundai would make upgrades available for the software in the 3.7 million vehicles that are not in the list of vehicles recalled.

In 2016, a South Korean whisperer made a report on the several concerns that were submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which probes the promptness of those three recalls in United States and the effectiveness of the vehicle covered during the process.

Hyundai in 2005 recalled 470,000 units of Sonata sedan in US. This was as based on the concern that the failure of the engine could lead to vehicle stall, hereby causing more severe conditions such as crash. The problem here is, Kia cars also share the same Theta II engine but didn’t recall its cars when Hyundai did.

Recall demanded for nearly 3 million Kia and Hyundai vehicles

Around March in 2017, there was a bit of expansion in the Hyundai US recall to 572, 000 units of Sonata and Santé Fe sport cars which were equipped with the same Theta II engines. This also caused some problems with the production debris. Kia also recalled 618,000 Sorento, Optima and Sportage that same day, because of the similar engine.

The Center for auto safety around last Month, petitioned the NHTSA on the need to recall more vehicles. They believe that there are more Hyundai and Kia products that are still at risk of possible fire. All these came after several reports  that were up to three hundred fire incidences, which were not even as a result of collision at all. The insurance companies in the country in their reports believe there is high possibility for claim to be laid on engine fires.

It was on Monday when US Senator and also a democrat, Richard Blumenthal decided to query the NHTSA to launch an investigation and recall all Hyundai and Kia products using the Theta II engines from various states in the country.

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