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Hyundai AI system can alert medical facilities of victim’s injuries within 7 seconds after crash

By Jane Osuagwu
Publish on June 18, 2019

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In a bid to ensure the safety of passengers and reduce accidents in its cars, Hyundai has partnered with an Israeli company to develop an AI technology which alert medical facilities of nature of injuries a victim sustained

South Korean auto manufacturer, Hyundai, has gone into collaboration with an Isreali startup called MDGo, to build the next generation of new safety tech systems. The Startup Company focuses on medical artificial intelligence.

In a press release published by both companies, they stated that two companies will work as a team to install MDGo's intelligent injury analysis system into Hyundai cars.

With the wide range of sensors that are in the car and the AI injury analysis system, Hyundai will be able to transmit multiple data like the level of injury a victim has to emergency services.

The President of Hyundai, also doubling as the Chief Innovation Officer,Youngcho Chi said,

MDGo possesses exceptional AI analysis technology optimized for driver safety,” president and chief innovation officer of Hyundai.

Through this technology, we expect a significant improvement in the emergency medical services of vehicles in the short-term while our long-term goal is to provide innovations in passenger experience of vehicle safety utilizing new technology that enable real-time physical monitoring.


MDGo AI technology is quick to transmit injury analysis to medical facilities

From what Naijauto learned, AI technology is quick to transmit information regarding the nature of injuries sustained by accident victims to medical facilities. It does it within seven seconds an accident is being recorded. Also, the Isreali's safety system is still studying and improving on how it interprets different accident scenes. And as time goes on, it will be able to give an accurate interpretation.

The spectrum of sensors fitted into a car is able to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate of accident victims.

Hyundai didn't provide any information regarding when the Midge AI technology will be released into the market. The automaker said this collaboration is its vision to ensure there's 'freedom of mobility' to limit accidents in Hyundai vehicles and its effect on customers.

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Jane Osuagwu

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