Hyundai AI powered system can solve conflicting schedules among family members


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Hyundai is building an infotainment system whose features are power by the intelligence of an AI agent system to compete with those offered by the company's rivals. Check how this technology can do here!

Hyundai is building an infotainment system whose features are powered by the intelligence of an AI agent. The system is the first result of the Intelligent Personal cockpit unveiled at the 2018 CES in Las Vegas. Hyundai is building this system to compete with those offered by its rivals like the Mercedes Benz MBUX.

The infotainment system is able to integrate information sharing between a number of Hyundai cars and multiple devices, as well as sync reminders and calendars across connected systems.

In performing the synchronization and data integration, the system is able to detect conflicts and intelligently modify same without inputting any form of new or additional data to the system. For instance, if there is a calendar conflict noticed between connected users, the system will immediately reshuffle the calendar intelligently to accommodate the conflict.

All-new-Hyundai-Infotainment system

Hyundai Infotainment can sync reminders and calendars across connected systems

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Commenting on this function of the infotainment system, Hyundai’s Director of Connected Operations, Mr. Manish Mehrotra further confirmed that in the instance of two parents having conflicting schedules, the AI powered system takes over. He said:

"If one of parents has an important meeting come up, the system can alert the other parent to pick up the kids," Further speaking, he added "When the conflict is resolved, the app would then send the best route and task list to the other vehicle."

This function is by far more advance when compared to similar features offered by some analytical systems like the iCloud which only functions a route adviser and travel assistant. The overall value of the system is it reduces time and eliminates extra cost resulting from emergency logistics activities. As mentioned by Mehrota, the system automatically manages navigation of each car down to the set destination, as well as display critical location data at the destination.

This all in one App works to make life easier by taking up and managing menial activities for you, thus freeing up useful time and increasing your overall productivity. As we move into the era of Autonomy, highly precise and intelligent systems like this will be crucially critical. We already know how important vehicle to vehicle communication is to achieving level 5 SAE autonomy and we believe that innovations like this will help us achieve the dream of complete unassisted self-driving cars.

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