What hybrid car should you buy & not buy in 2019?


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Hybrid cars are fast gaining popularity on the market. If you are thinking of getting one soon, you need to see the top hybrids of 2019. Check them out!

Some years back, hybrid cars weren’t very popular. They were mostly preferred by people who were conscious of the environment – the likes of mothers, individuals living under London congestion and cab drivers who wanted to save some money that’d be spent on constantly buying fuel.

With an increasing number in production, hybrids are becoming more visible on the market, making car users to try them out. People who don’t want to depend solely on fuel or electricity go for them as they make use of both power supplies.

It isn’t advisable to buy just any hybrid cars. You need to be well-informed in order to make the right decision. Naijauto.com is here to help you in that aspect.

Best hybrid cars of 2019

10. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota takes the lead in terms of association with hybrid cars. They are the proud manufacturers of the popular hybrid car Prius. If you are looking to save some money and still get the same hybrid value, the Yaris is a good option. Its equipment is of standard and it has a spacious interior.


Toyota cars miss no top list

9. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

This ride has been quite successful in the United Kingdom, raking in more sales than it does in its home market in Japan. Its huge popularity cannot be disassociated from the fact that it’s an SUV. It’s no secret that there’s a high demand for SUVs. As a plug-in hybrid car, it’s eligible to get subsidy offered by the government for electric cars.


A quick look at the Outlander PHEV steering wheel

8. BMW i8

Most brands on this list of top hybrid cars in 2019 are based on practicality, but the BMW i8 takes a different route. It’s indeed a hybrid car that’s fun to drive beyond the practical advantages it has. Falling in the category of sports cars, it boasts of several innovative technologies that provide good space as well as lesser emissions in comparison to others.


If BMW i8 isn't listed here, who can?

7. Volkswagen Golf GTE

The automaker bills this ride as a hot hatch. Taking a ride in the Golf GTE is nothing short of comfortable due to its sleek interior. It’s close to the GTI in terms of speed. It’s also more affordable to run as a result of its CO2 emissions. You can go up to 31 miles without petrol.


The Golf GTE is renowned for its fuel efficiency

6. BMW i3

Similar to the i8, this brand is made of very light aluminum and carbon fiber to lighten its batteries weight. You’ll find these batteries below the floor where they are positioned to lessen gravity.


BMW i3 has a very distinctive design

There’s an electric version that gives a feasible range of about 124 miles. If you need a range-extender, all you have to do is pay more money. It comes along with a two-cylinder petrol-enhanced engine that stops its batteries from going flat.

5. Toyota Prius

The most recent version of Toyota Prius is the best hybrid car the world has seen yet. It puts up a very strong competition against rivals such as Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.


The Prius resembles a true sports car with dynamic design

It offers more fuel efficiency than its predecessor. There’s also more space in its interior with better finishing. The Prius now offers a better driving experience.

4. Audi A3 E-tron

This car deserves a mention as one of the best hybrids ever produced. Although it’s more expensive than the diesel and petrol using A3s, it’s an affordable company car. Though similar to the Volkswagen Golf GTE in some aspects, it has a more tasteful interior.


Audi A3 E-tron and Audi Q7 E-tron are 2 representatives of this automaker in the list

3. Volkswagen Passat GTE

This is one car you wouldn’t mind using all day. On a full fuel tank, you can go up to 500 miles. And when fully charged with electric range, it goes several miles without needing fuel.


Another name from "People's cars" to top the hybrid chart

2. Audi Q7 E-tron

It makes use of a combined diesel engine and an electric motor. The output is an electric-only range which is up to 34 miles. The Audi Q7 E-tron has an enviable refinement. You can hardly hear a sound when its moving around.


Audi never fails customers when it comes to luxury design

1. Hyundai Ioniq

With a low selling price and running cost, this is one hybrid to look out for in 2019. Its driving experience is normal yet fun. If you want to avoid the menace of diesel pollution, the Hyundai Ioniq is your best choice.


Modest, affordable but highly efficient, Ioniq deserves the hybrid king status

Hybrid cars you shouldn't buy in 2019

Contrary to the above list of best hybrid cars in 2019, there are certain car models you shouldn't go for in this category. The first one is the Cayenne S E-Hybrid from Porsche. This automaker may gain quick success in other segments but not for hybrids. Cayenne S E-Hybrid is reported to have difficulty handling different conditions and the car is no way an economical choice. Its emission rate is another minus point that discourage consumers to stay near this Porsche.


Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid is not as economical as they advertise

The second name falling in this unfortunate list is Infinity Q50 Hybrid. This car has reputation for its fast speed with a V6 engine but fail to offer users a smooth driving experience. Especially when placed in comparison with fun-to-drive BMW models, this Q50 hardly stands a chance to win.


The Infinity Q50 Hybrid may look great in theory but may not in practice

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