Hushpuppi joins chopper club, rides Airbus helicopter to Greek party


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Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian big boy always in the news for his exotic lifestyle If the star wants to go to a party, guess what he rides in? A chopper! See the pics here!

Ray Hushpuppi is in the news again, doing what he is best known for. The celebrity who resides in Dubai flooded IG with images of him taking a leisurely flight on a helicopter. Apparently, Hushpuppi was headed for a party holding in Greece.


When you are a high-roller like Hushpuppi, the chopper way is the only way to do short hops

His IG post was captioned:

“Had a helicopter pull up on my Mykonos villa to take me and some super models to scorpios where the party at. Arab money don’t stress…”

As if that wasn’t enough to send celebrity watchers agog, he updated his page scant days later with another sizzler of an image: this time the socialite reclining on a cobalt Lamborghini Huracan. This time his slightly tongue in cheek caption said:

“God used my haters to send my name to the ears of the people who hunt me down to BLESS me.”

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The Lamborghini Huracan is a definitely a big boy wheeled toy

Since the trending account of a Nigerian billionaire being rescued from traffic by a chopper, celebrities have been scrambling to become the next “helicopter tycoon high-flyer”.

To end this article, let's look through recent updates of this Dubai-based Nigerian big boy on his Instagram account!


The billionaire often travels abroad with luxury flights like this!

>>> See the car this big boy is riding in! Watch video of Ray Hushpuppi showing his brand new Mercedes Maybach S650!


Top-notch fashion brands appear to be "mainstream" to Hushpuppi


Just recently, the big boy showed off a luxury Rolls Royce

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