This Hurana Liberty Walk tuned Lamborghini supercar looks bonkers!


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Liberty Walk definitely knows how to give your car a terrific look! Here, check out the Lamborghini tuned to the Silhouette Works GT Hurana!

You think you've seen it all, as long as car tuning is concerned. But not until you see the stunning transformation of a Lamborghini supercar into a ride that turns every head on the street...who else knows how to make it happen other than Liberty Walk!

Curious about this car tuner?

1. Who is Liberty Walk?

Liberty Walk is a Japanese aftermarket bodykit manufacturer and tuner that focuses on styling and enhancing cars to make them look aggressive and of course, absolutely jaws-dropping. The car tuning company has sure carved a niche for itself as top biggest names in car tuning. Irrespective of the price and car brand, there's a bodykit for every car. Going through their creations, Naijauto has singled out the Huracan Italian supercar, which happens to be one of the tuner's most popular wide-body kits.

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The Lamborghini tuned into the Silhouette Works GT by Liberty Walk (Photo by LB)

2. Silhouette Works GT Lamborghini, tuned by Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk nicknamed it the Silhouette Works GT. It shows off a carbon fiber hood, peculiar splitter, and front bumper. Not forgetting the flared wheel arches that have faint air louvers. Take a walk around and you'll notice that its side has stretched side skirts, then bulging back wheel arches. This wide-body kit is quite different from other kits designed by Liberty Walk as its flared wheel arches does not have exposed rivets. It makes the supercar look just perfect, coupled with the stylish design.

And coming to the rear, it features a wing that appears impressively high and a broad shark fin that stretches from the roof to the cover of the engine. It also has a customized rear diffuser and a pair of exhaust tailpipes.

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The Silhouette Works GT Huracan has a wing at the rear that's impressively high (Photo by LB)

The pricing details for the LB-Silhouette WORKS GT Huracan hasn't been revealed. Liberty Walk only disclosed that the Italian supercar will be premiered at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas scheduled for the first week in November.

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