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[Unbelievable] Hummer H2 ruins itself crashing in the Oba of Benin's Palace wall, leaving no scratch

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on October 12, 2019

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See the astonishing video that captured the Oba of Benin’s palace wall having no scratch even after wrecking a Hummer H2 SUV that rammed into it.

Naijauto found an astonishing video recently that captured surprising moments when the Oba of Benin’s Palace wall could wreck a Hummer H2 SUV that rammed into it but the wall itself had no scratch despite being very old. The most shocking mystery about the incident is the extent to which the Hummer SUV was damaged, even with all of the incredible rugged features it’s known to possess. See the video below;

  Video: Oba Of Benin Palace Wall Wrecks Hummer Jeep

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This mud (earthen) wall of the Oba of Benin’s palace is among the remaining relics left of the Old Benin Kingdom which dates back to the Nigerian pre-colonial era.


Catch the view along one of the streets in the ancient royal quarters of the old Benin Kingdom back in 1897 - Source: The British Museum (Trustees of the British Museum)

The palace of the Oba itself alongside some other ancient moats has been serving as tourists’ attraction for the ancient city till date. So, isn’t it surprising that even after all these years, such an old Palace wall could still withstand the impact from a modern off-road SUV without a single crack to the wall?


This is a recent photograph showing a section of the walls surrounding Oba of Benin’s palace

How rugged is a Hummer H2 SUV?

Well, even though the outward appearance of a Hummer H2 SUV might look tough, rugged and fit for off-road terrains; a lot of its parts are actually made of plastic (fiberglass). The Hummer H2 SUV is simply built to just look cool when on the road but not to survive military-grade conditions as one would expect.


The Hummer H2 SUV has a lot of plastic parts which explains why it could be wrecked by the strong earthen walls in Benin

Despite the fact that the Hummer H2 SUV is the successor of the popular H1 super-strong SUV from General Motors, it is more or less made for “show off” and luxury than for ruggedness. However, it can perform well in some off-road terrains that are not too “extreme”.

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