Hum Rider: Your saving grace from crazy Lagos traffic


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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It doesn’t matter how many cars are in front of you, the base of the Hum Rider is lifted to drive through traffic. See how it happens!

Have you ever been caught up in Lagos traffic? It’s definitely not a pleasant experience. Being stuck on a particular spot for hours without any movements can be frustrating. No matter how angry you get, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about. Cars in front of you have to make way before you can move. Unless you want to abandon your car and find your way home, you could spend all day in traffic, praying for things to get better.

All that could come to an end with the Hum Rider - a car that allows you to drive through hindrance on the road.

a Hum Rider going through traffic jam

Have you ever dreamt of this scene?

How the Hum Rider works

The base of the Hum Rider expands to a height well above other cars, and it can move across them without any obstructions. Suffice to say, it moves in the air. What that means is, you are literally on your own lane. It doesn’t matter how many cars are ahead of you, once the base is lifted, you are out of that traffic in a twinkle of an eye.

a Hum Rider with heightened base

You might have your private lane, if you can afford a Hum Rider

An initiative of Thinkmodo, there’s no better car news for Lagosians than this.  A hydraulic vehicle, it gives drivers an out-of-the-world driving experience especially in tight circumstances. With inbuilt hydraulic lines of over 300 feet, it’s charged by Honda gas generator, taking the car up to about nine feet with over 400 kg pressure.

As much as Lagosians would be happy to have this car on public roads immediately to put an end to their traffic nightmares, this innovation is just a marketing stunt. Experts are of the opinion that, having the Hum Rider on the road, will cause a different dimension of traffic chaos especially because there are no specially designed roads for it. Regardless, it’s nice to know that we could have a solution to crazy Lagos traffic in the future.

How Hum Rider handles the traffic jam in an eye wink!

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