How Toyota Corolla became the best selling car in Nigeria?


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Join me as we explore the reasons why the Toyota Corrola becomes the best-selling car in Nigeria.


When you hear the name Toyota, it’s possible that what comes next to your mind is the Corolla. And that’s because the brand has become so famous that it’s now one of the bestselling vehicles worldwide.

When you start counting from 1966 you don’t have to get to 2020 before it grosses as the bestselling car worldwide. As far back as 1974, the Toyota Corolla had become the bestselling car in the world. Well, it doesn’t sit on the throne too comfortably, the Ford series, Golf, and the Honda Civic are chasing after it with light speed.

In Nigeria too, with the culture of car importation, the Toyota Corolla sits up there as the bestselling car in the country. If you’re on the road and after five vehicles go by there’s not a Corolla among them, then there’s a problem, and that can go down as an awkward moment because those rides are all over the place.

You may wonder how that became possible. How the Toyota Corolla became the bestselling car in Nigeria? In other words, what made Nigerians love it so much?


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How Toyota Corolla became the best selling car in Nigeria?

How it all started

The first thing to consider is that Nigerians love foreign-used vehicles. In the late 70s and 80s, the country was faced with an economic recession that made it difficult for average people to afford a brand-new car.

Therefore, the influx of imported foreign-used vehicles sold at a cheaper price arose. At that time (remember when we said in 1974 the Torolla was the bestselling car), the Toyota Corolla was already everywhere, widely available. Its mass production made it readily available for sale.

So when Nigerians looked through available vehicles, it was always there, present like a punctual student in class during roll-call. In addition to that, the Corolla was always available at an affordable price even for brand new so that those who could afford it could easily buy it.

Thus, we can say that the Toyota Corolla boasts of a high resale value and affordability and this has made it sell as much as it has in Nigeria.

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Technology all the way

The second thing to consider is the progress in improvement, the Toyota brand which had become a household name now had the responsibility of living to the standards it had set for itself by keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology. People trusted that to live up to that name, the brand wouldn’t produce inferior vehicles and this encouraged continued patronage.

The brand continued to integrate breakthrough technology to its famous model, improving safety, and thus making the car a lot more user friendly.

More to that, the Corolla has its spare parts available, allowing its local fans to get unhindered access to these spare parts to easily fix and have parts replaced when such needs arise.

When you have parts easily available, mechanics can easily access parts when they need them and get the best deals, thanks to wide availability.

Check out this video to see all the latest technology features in the 2020 Toyota Corolla.

2020 Toyota Corolla - New Features You Should Know About!

Fuel Economy

Another factor that made the Toyota Corolla the bestselling vehicle is its fuel economy. Nigerians at the time, and even now, struggle to eke a living, and those who could afford to drive cars, would look for a vehicle that will conserve gas.

This is one major reason why many deem the Corolla as reliable in addition to the fact that the vehicles are mechanically sound and have a few reported problems.

In Nigeria, word travels fast, so before someone goes on to purchase an item of high value they usually do a lot of consultation. Getting good reports about the Corolla undoubtedly prompt a lot of guys into going ahead to put the money down for a Corolla.

As an Advisory, the following link should guide you on How to achieve optimum fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla, click the link to learn more.

Ever stylish

Nigerians are stylish, and the Toyota Corolla comes to fulfill that purpose.

From time immemorial, Nigerians have become popular and well-known for their stylish presence. The Toyota Corolla was easily the best fit to compliment that fashion-conscious Nigerian out there.

The vehicle typically a four-door sedan has been offered in a coupe, hatchback, and wagon form with also the matrix and Pontiac vibe. You also have a sporty vehicle with safety features that allow you to flaunt style. You don’t get that every day.

While its competitors have added many stylish features, the corolla has kept it simple, and for some this has made it even more appealing.


The Toyota Corolla, Always smart and stylish


Always upping the style game with every model

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The Corolla has, therefore, added to its market people who don’t care so much about complicated amenities but a car that they can rely on to get them from point A to point B and the Corolla has proved dependable in that regard.

And as a plus, for Nigerians large population owing to the fact that parents have a lot of children, the Corolla has spacious legroom for the back seat. This proved to be a factor for stylish Nigerians who at the same time wanted a vehicle that could have their families fitted nicely at the back.

Ever rugged and durable

Lastly, the Nigerian rugged roads were a huge factor in making the vehicle a bestseller in the Nigerian market. Nigerian roads are usually not in the best conditions.

A car needs to be stubborn to defeat the climate, traffic, flooded streets, and a lot that hits you which you never saw coming. Toyota has done a great job of producing vehicles that are not only durable but reliable.


As reliable and solid as ever, the Toyota Corolla


So as a quick summary, the Toyota Corolla became the bestselling car in Nigeria firstly out of Nigeria’s love for foreign-used vehicles, then the reliability of Toyota improved the patronage alongside its durability, fuel economy, style, and the fact that it was good for the rugged Nigerian road.

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