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Uber is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria due to its convenience, simplicity and security. Find out how to use the Uber app & all the ways to get Uber promo codes for Nigerians!


UBER APP has made the UBER experience a super amazing one

Uber has become quite popular in Nigeria. The urban taxi platform is used in major cities in the country including Lagos and Abuja. Whether you have never used Uber app or you are a frequent rider, Uber Nigeria promo codes offer you affordable rides for easier and more convenient travelling within the city. In this article, you will find all the ways to get Uber promo codes for Nigerian users, as well as important features on the Uber app, and Uber Nigeria contacts for any support you need. Let's join Naijauto and explore!

What are the advantages of Uber?

Users are able to book rides on their smartphone through the company’s mobile application. They get an estimated cost of the ride as the app pre-calculates it in line with the destination.

You don’t have to worry about not having cash at hand. Having entered details of your credit card while registering on the app, charges are deducted from your account at the end of your trip.

Technically, Uber isn’t the very first urban taxi. Other companies have been in this business for several years. But one thing Uber brought to the table that caught the attention of people was the ease of technology. Instead of calling a taxi to take you to your destination, and make payment based on your negotiation with the driver, you can estimate the fare even before you book a ride. Once the ride is over, the fare is shown to you right on the application. You don’t have to worry about being extorted by the driver.

Security is another advantage of using Uber. You don’t have to carry your credit card around or give it to a stranger for deducting their fare. The system does all the charges after you must have entered your card details.

Paying extra charges is also out of the way. You don’t have to tip the driver. At the end of your ride, they receive their payment directly to their account.

Steps on taking a Uber ride in Nigeria

Uber thrives on mobile technology. You can’t make use of the service unless you have the app and know how to operate it. This might seem a bit difficult for one who isn’t tech savvy, but it isn’t so difficult. Besides, Naijauto.com is here to guide you through the process.

1. Download the app

Uber works via an app. The very first step to enjoying this mobile taxi initiative is to download the app from Google Play Store. 

>>> Download Uber passenger app for Android

>>> Download Uber passenger app for iOS

2. Set up your account

As you open the app, you’ll be required to set up your profile. Details required include your name, address and credit card information.

3. Select pickup location and destination

To make use of the application for a ride, you need to select your pickup location. This is visible on a map showing on the home screen of the application. You should see your location right there.

Then in the "Where to" field, enter your desired destination.


You need to set your pickup location before booking

4. View cost and choose driver

Look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see several drivers with different types of Uber car available in your area and estimated costs. You can tap Confirm" to select one, or compare the fare with Bolt (Taxify) and choose the cheaper ride between the two apps.

5. Security

To ensure your security, the driver doesn’t get to see your destination until you get into their car and they commence the trip. Be sure that the driver starts the trip only when you get into the car. If you want to pay with your card, make sure you inform the driver of that immediately they arrive. Some Uber drivers in Nigeria prefer cash payment, so let them know your choice of payment early enough to avoid any issues.

7. Charge

When you arrive at your destination, the driver will stop the trip. The cost for the trip will be displayed on the driver’s app. Be sure to check it.

Uber Nigeria promo codes

Promo codes are one of the amazing ways through which Uber customers whether new or existing enjoy free or towering discounted rides. Normally, Uber only provides promo codes to new users but if it gets to an existing customer, that's a great deal of luck. When scheduling your first ride be confident that when inside you've received credit for your new user promo code.

Uber Nigeria promo codes for existing riders: up to 75% off your ride

Uber offers its existing riders very generous promotions of up to 75% trip fare value from time to time. All the promotion announcement is updated on:


Uber has offered promo code worth 50% off fare of trips within Benin when it launched in this city back to July 2019

Uber Nigeria promo codes for first-time rider: up to ₦3,000

New Nigerian Uber users can enjoy a free first ride valued up to ₦3,000. Here are some websites you can find updated Uber promo codes for new riders: 

Get up to ₦1,000 ride with Uber Nigeria referral promo codes 

Uber offers a free ride of up ₦1,000 to every time you successfully invite a friend to download and use Uber app. And sometimes they run a campaign which doubles the number of free rides you are awarded when you hit at least 10 referred users. Here how to win it: 

  1. Click the three parallel line on the top left corner and go to "Free Rides" option, you can find your invite code.
  2. Send the invite code to a friend
  3. That friend will receive a free ride worth ₦1,000 on their first ride when they sign up with your invite code
  4. You'll receive a free ride of ₦1,000 once he/she take the first ride with your invite code
  5. The more friends you invite, the more free rides you win!


How to get Uber referral code

How to use Uber promo codes for your rides

To apply a promo code for a trip, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu on the top left corner of the Uber app, go to "Payment" option.
  2. Click on "Add Promo Code"
  3. After entering the code and submitting, make sure that the free credit would appear in your account.


How to apply Uber promo codes for rides

Now you know all the ways to get the cheapest Uber ride, here are some important features on Uber app you'll need to enjoy your trips.

Uber Nigeria app - the most important features

How to cancel a scheduled ride on Uber 

Sometimes life gets to us and we may be faced with an unforeseen occurrence or event, this could lead to us wanting to cancel our scheduled trip. The is no need to panic, the faster you send the cancellation the less likely you'll receive a cancellation fee.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. At the upper left corner of your Uber app tap the "☰" button.
  2. Tap "Your Trips".
  3. Click on the upcoming tab and click on "Cancel Ride" beneath the trip you are cancelling.

As long as you have made sure that the trip has been cancelled before a driver accepted the ride, you can be confident of not being charged a cancellation fee. If by any reason you feel a cancellation fee has been given to you unjustly, find below for how to report to Uber about an unknown charge.

How to add multiple stops

This feature is very convenient when you share your ride with your friend. Here is how to add destinations:

  1. Tap the "Where to" field
  2. Select "+ Add multiple stops". You can add up to 2 more stops
  3. Tap "DONE" to continue

How to split fare with your friends

If you travel in group and use credit card as payment, Uber can automatically split fare among your accounts. Here is how:

  1. Before or during your ride, select "Fare Split" from the menu
  2. Enter the names or mobile numbers of your friends
  3. The invite will then be sent to your friends' accounts. Once they accept it, the fare will be equally split among your accounts.

Uber Nigeria contacts

Track down an item you left in an Uber car

If you left something behind during a trip, you can contact the driver and ask if he finds it. In case you can't find his contact, here's how to contact him through Uber app:

  1. Tap on the Menu (☰) on the top left corner of your Uber app
  2. Click on ‘Your Trips’ and select the trip where you think you may have left an item there
  3. Tap on ‘I lost an item’ and select ‘Contact driver about a lost item.’
  4. Enter your phone number and tap SUBMIT, Uber will connect you with the driver.

Report an unknown charge or duplicate charge

You can report to Uber about an unrecognized charge or duplicate charge via Uber app or Uber website. 

  • To preview previous trips and fares and report unknown charge in the Uber app, navigate to Menu > Payment
  • To report via Uber website, visit one of the following pages:



Personal support

You can see Uber personnel for any support at its support centres:

  • Abuja

Address: Top Floor, Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, Abuja.

Office hours: 9am - 4pm (Monday - Thursday), 9am - 3pm (Friday)

  • Lagos

Address: Retail unit no. 5. Second upper floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road

Office hours: 9am - 4pm (Monday - Thursday), 9am - 3pm (Friday)




Things you might not know about Uber

Uber operates in approximately 785 metropolitan areas, in over 600 cities including two populated cities in Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja. Over the years, the company has become a large part of the Nigerian transportation industry. As a result of the company's massive amount of experience globally, it's initiation into the country especially in Lagos has seen a great deal of success.

Uber's amazing story began when the company's founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had issues trying to stop a taxi, it was at this moment the idea of getting a taxi by the tap of a button came up. This prompted the establishment of uber in 2009, two years later the Uber app kicked off. Growing from very small beginnings, today the company becomes the world's biggest taxi company though not owning any cars.

The company's main way of getting things done is through the app, with this you get to know details such as your driver with just a tap of a button. Following the survey carried out in 2019, Uber approximately has 110 million users around the world, giving it a 69% market share for passenger transport in the United States. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco. 

Last words

Now that you've gotten acquainted with the Uber app and know all the ways to get Uber Nigeria promo codes, we are sure that you be much comfortable and relaxed the next time you want to make use of an Uber. Make sure to enjoy your trip. Please don't forget to come back and read more exciting articles of Transportation in Nigeria, here on Naijauto.com.

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