How to turn old tyres into unique furniture? Ask this Nigerian man!


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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This creative man has transformed old car tyres into impressive stools and house deco.

Just in the past few days, a Kenyan man showed the world his self-made flying taxi and now another African brain demonstrates their limitless creativity and skillfulness when all waste tyres in the garage have been upgraded to a whole-new level of house furniture.

stools made from tyres by a Nigerian man

Colorful stools made by a Nigerian young man.

Pictures of his artistic work were revealed by a Facebook account named Nweke Nonso Henry in an Igboist online community. In these photos, we can see how proud he is after recycling a pile of thrown-away tyres, turning them into not only useful but also aesthetic items for his own house.

Nigerian man turning tyres into house furniture

The African “artist” posing by piles of old tyres

Just a few more products made by this talented Nigerian hand

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Hassana Obi

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