How to report extortion, bribery and harassment by LASTMA officers


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If you feel you have been harassed, extorted or asked to pay any amount as bribe by any LASTMA officer, click here to find out how you can report them to appropriate authority!

These guidelines have just been released to the public by the Lagos State Government in filing a report against LASTMA official in case they extort you, ask for a bribe or harass you, as shared at Naijauto latest news:


You do not need to participate in this practice! Check out how to report extortion, harassment and bribery

According to the latest release, it goes thus:

Report cases of harassment and extortion by LASTMA officers for investigation and appropriate action.


You can visit or write to:
Complaints unit, Office of the General Manager, Authority, Old LSTC Building, Apapa- Oshodi Expressway, Ilepeju, Lagos.

>>> But firstly, you should know:

2 LASTMA officials have been punished recently due to alledged extortion, see the video below:

Lagos Govt To Punish Two LASTMA Officials Over Alleged Extortion

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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