How to pronounce car brands’ names correctly, check out this video


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Not all car brands' names can be pronounced correctly in English.

Science has proved we mostly like to forget others’ names right after we meet them. That is because, according to, names of people are meaningless. So there are excuses for people who are bad at remembering humans’ names. The next time you mispronounce others’ name, just hold on this argument.

But is there any explanation for your mispronouncing car brands’ names? (I believe lots of us do it oftentimes).

guide to pronounce Mercedes

Pronouncing car brands' names may be bewildering and or even misleading

Car brands' logos

Not all car brands' names are pronounced in English

Most of the times, for they don’t know the native language where the car brand comes from, speakers resort to address the names in English. For example, the French carmaker Renault’s got a silent ‘t’, so  'Re-no’ should be the correct way of pronouncing it while Volkswagen from Germany has twisted many tongues to say it correctly: ‘folks-va-gun'. Remember to take the ‘v’ as a ‘t’.

Check out the video below to learn how to correctly pronounce car brands’ name.

Video: How to pronounce car brand names correctly

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