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The Lagos State government has teamed up with the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (SMVAA) to create a website for vehicle registration verification and here's how to check yours!

Vehicle registration is a whole lot of a process that takes a lot of patience to get completed. Well, if you must drive a newly purchased car in Nigeria and be free from harassment from the police, Road safety and VIO officers then you must have it registered. So there are some basics steps to be followed in registering a new vehicle, first on the list is getting a valid driver's license.

  • Next is to go make an application for a number plate at your state's internal revenue board. This process will also include vehicle inspection for roadworthiness by VIO.
  • Next, collect all the relevant documents before proceeding to complete the MVA01 online form at the official website of the Federal Road Safety Corp National Vehicle Identification System website. Print out the completed online form.
  • Then have your application along with your documents verified at the designated Road Safety Office.

  • Then proceed to make number plate payment at a designated bank to a some of N50,000 (depending on the state)

Now you see how relatively lengthy the vehicle registration process can be, but it is seriously worth the stress as it saves you the trouble of proving to security agencies that your vehicle is properly registered.

How to Check your Vehicle Registration in Nigeria

But then how do you track the details of your vehicle online stress-free. Well, things have gotten much easier these days, thanks to the Lagos State government who have teamed up with the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (SMVAA) to create a website that’s just as convenient for everyone.

The website was designed to assist law enforcement agencies and vehicle owners in verifying car registration at designated checkpoints. Not only that, the platform was created to stop the delays and molestations coming from security agencies.

The website –Motor Vehicle Registration Search –is a portal that’s linked to the directories consisting of the car registration details of every duly registered vehicle in Lagos, including other states. Here are ways you can check your vehicle registration anywhere you are in Nigeria:

Simple steps to check your Vehicle Registration Status

  • First, you will have to Log on to the lsmvaapvs official website, which is That will take you to the landing page you find below:


Motor Vehicle Registration Search Landing page

  • At the right-hand end of the page, you will find a search box labeled with "Plate Number". Type in your vehicle plate number in that space without adding space or other symbols to it. You don’t need to type only in small letters or bold letters, since it’s not case sensitive.


Number Plate Search on Motor Vehicle Registration website

  • Click on the search icon, while you wait for the result.


  • If you inputted the correct vehicle plate number details, as well as if the vehicle has been duly registered, the vehicle registration details will be displayed on the screen. You’d see details like the Name and owner of your vehicle, your vehicle’s model, the colour of your vehicle, chassis number, the registration date, etc. If on the other hand, your number is not correct or invalid, it would manifest as invalid.


Vehicle Registration Details Displayed

Now that that’s known, it’s becoming super easy to check your vehicle's registration status and details in Nigeria. You could check in your house, or while on the road. What’s more? You can rest assured that no one would harass you anymore. All that’s needed is a working internet, and you’re good to go.

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You might also want to read on the FRSC GIFMIS code

Remember you need a GIFMIS code to generate a Revenue Reference Number RRN on the remita platform when making payments to the Federal Government of Nigeria Account. In this case, the revenue-generating federal agency is the FRSC which must have booked you for violating traffic rules. To get the correct GIFMIS code for your state please on the GIFMIS CODE BY STATE.


Follow the link we post above, you can find a list of FRSC codes like this!

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The future is here, Nigerians are able to do their vehicle registration verification online with just a few clicks.

The huddle is now for FRSC to take their operations electronic too and let their patrol officers perform vehicle registration status remotely without any need for paper verification as is currently practiced.

In the near future, we hope that all car-related procedures will be done electronically and quickly too, saving us valuable time and some money too just like how to check vehicle registration in Nigeria.

This does not only help you with checking your vehicle's information but also validating the information of any car before you decide to buy it!

>>> Stay tuned with for more car tips and advice from top car experts in Nigeria!

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