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Do you have what it takes to become a Special Marshal in the FRSC? If yes, read on how to become a Special Marshal in the Nigerian road traffic management agency!

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is a body bestowed with the responsibility of preventing and reducing road traffic mishaps especially on highways. The traffic management agency was founded in 1988 by a decree under the regime of Military President Ibrahim Babangida. The degree was later amended into the Federal Road Safety Commission Act Cap 141 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nobody can argue against the strong reputation of this agency on discipline and sometimes “official rascality”.

1. What is a Special Marshal?

Many people might confuse the position of Regular Marshal with the Special Marshal. The clear difference is that the Regular Marshals are FRSC officers in uniforms. They basically work as full time paid staff in the agency. The Special Marshals on the other hand, are those non-uniformed officers that might sometimes act as volunteers for the agency. For their functions, they do not receive any form of payment or salary.

These people that act as Special Marshals are mostly successful individuals who render their individual and collective service to the nation in road traffic management.


Since inauguration of the Special Marshal unit, many distinguished Nigerians had joined as volunteers

They are often given their special kits, which differentiate them from other federal and state traffic officers. Job functions of special marshal and regular marshal are always the same.

In 2005, a Special Marshal guideline was issued and highlights the following concerning these Special Marshals:

Special Marshals in the discharge of duties are by provisions of section 4 and 5 of Cap 141 LFN (1990), empowered to arrest and prosecute erring motorists who violate road traffic rules and regulations entrenched in the Act and other road traffic laws.

>>> Becoming a Special Marshal means you will be actively involved in road safety activities! FRSC calls for legislation to support road safety activities

FRSC Celebrity Special Marshals controlling traffic in Ikeja, Lagos

2. How to become Special Marshal of FRSC?

For you to join and become a Special Marshal of FRSC, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You mustn’t have any criminal record of any sort.
  • You must own a personal serviceable vehicle.
  • You must be a licensed driver.
  • You must have a sustainable means of livelihood.

All you need to do is to pay the nearest FRSC command a visit and ask for the Special Marshal Unit. 

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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