Rappers' Hopping cars: Here's how they are made!


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If you have enjoyed the hopping of a lowrider car you saw in a movie scene, chances are you wish to know how they are created. Well, good news! Find out here now!

You can hardly watch any movie that depicts the 1990s pop culture scene without seeing lowrider (hopping) cars being used in one or more scenes. Back in those days, and even till now, people mostly add the “hopping” feature to their cars just to have fun or to simply attract public attention. Many of those cars were never made that way from the factory but instead, the “hopping” and “popping” movement you see them doing are results of heavy customizations by the owners.

So, that brings us back to the question: How do people create those hopping cars you sometimes see in movies? Well, continue reading to find out.


Hopping cars usually ride very low to ground level hence their official name “lowriders”

Just like we recently published a fun post that helps reveal what your car color says about you, we found that a number of people love hopping cars too. So, we decided to make this article for lovers of lowriders 😊. And before we get off point, let’s jump right into the secrets of lowriders or hopping cars.

How do people create lowriders or “hopping” cars?

First of all, those “hopping” cars are formally known as Lowriders and that’s the name we will be calling them throughout the rest of this post.

Lowriders, as we mentioned earlier, are usually regular cars that come out of the factory just like every other car with no “dancing” moves. Yes, the “hopping” feature is usually added by a third-party car tuner, expert, or any car enthusiast that has the knowledge of the modification. Sometimes, people even add a “hopping” feature to their cars just to show off their impressive artistic talents when it comes to vehicle modification.

The trend of lowriders actually began with just a few youths from a part of Southern California, deciding to have fun with regular cars. These kids would take a normal car, reduced its spindles, modify the frames, break the spring, and then lower its blocks in order to make it ride extremely close to the ground just for fun. Unfortunately, the first set of lowriders they built faced many challenges like rough roads and speed bumps which made it sometimes difficult to drive the modified lowriding cars back then. And to make matters worse, the government also created new laws to regulate the use of such modified cars in Southern California during that time.

These challenges pushed Ron Aguirre, a talented car tuner/customizer to come up with a fantastic solution that later gave birth to the “hop” and “pop” movement. Yes, the initial lowriders never had those “dance” moves actually.


The “hop” and “pop” movement of lowriders combined with beautiful paint colors usually gives people goosebumps

The hopping movement was born with Ron Aguirre’s clever solution of using hydraulic Pesco pumps alongside valves to easily increase or decrease the ride height of lowriding cars by the flick of a switch. It was a genius idea that combines the regular hydraulic cylinders with electric hydraulic pumps to achieve whatever ride height a driver desires, almost instantly through flicking a switch. This solution literally enabled lowriders to overcome rough roads or speed bumps and also beat government laws.

However, the solution also led to the birth of the “hop” and “pop” movement which occurs when flicking the switch to adjust the ride height of lowriders. And the fun took off from there…

Check out this cool video below to see a compilation of lowriders in action, you will like it;

  Justlowriders Compilation Ep.4

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