Hoodlums vandalise 13 vehicles, steal car parts worth ₦370k in Lagos community


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Some Lagos communities now live in fear over incessant vandalization of their vehicles by hoodlums at night.

Residents of Kosofe, Adedoyin and Iyanse streets in Lagos State have decried the recent attacks of their community by hoodlums who vandalized and stole car parts.

Information gathered by Naijauto says the hoodlums always disguise as security personnel on night patrol to gain access to the streets before vandalizing the vehicles.


These hoodlums are experts in taking out the parts of vehicles 

Some of the streets were the crimes were perpetrated are Adedoyin, Onagoruwa, Kosefe, Iyanse, and Iyana school bus stop.

Speaking on the attacks, a 42-year-old panel beater identified as Fatal Kolawole stated about 13 vehicles owned by the residents were vandalized and their parts were stolen during a single operation, along with some of his customers' vehicles.

He said,

I was at home when I got a text message from one Mr Mudashiru that thieves were vandalising vehicles on the close, where my workshop is located.

They broke the windshields and opened cars parked on the close and started removing some of the parts, including the Engine Control Module (popularly called brainbox in Nigeria) of my customers’ vehicles. When I got there in the morning, I realised that 13 vehicles had been vandalised on Adedoyin and Iyanse streets as well as Onagoruwa Close. Some of the vandalised vehicles are owned by my customers. I had to inform all of them of what happened and they came to the workshop to see for themselves.

Kolawole said the vandals had pretended to be policemen who were in the area to arrest someone. The street gate was opened for them by the night guard who they disarmed and began to vandalize the cars.

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A resident, Tony, said the hoodlums were professionals in the act of car parts removal while lamenting over the insecurity in the area.

He said,

On February 20, 2020, around 2am, the sound of someone forcing the bonnet of a car open woke me up and when I peeped through the window, I saw a man wearing a fez cap and a black T-shirt directing two others to open the gate. These people burgled my car, took the headlamp, battery, navigation system, power button, side mirrors and the third row chair, and brought the bumper down and were going for the ECM, but were unsuccessful at it. The value of what they stole from my car was around N370,000.

The hoodlums operated for about 30 minutes and came in a standby car. To scare them away, I tried to activate the alarm system of my Lexus SUV that they were vandalising, but they had deactivated it. I had to use the remote to activate the alarm of my other car, a Toyota Forerunner SUV, and the alarm sounded for a long time.

The vandals had to leave the compound, entered their vehicle and drove off; they did not switch on the lights of the car until they had gone a bit far so that people would not be able to identify their car.


A resident disclosed car parts worth ₦370,000 was stolen from his car

While reacting to the incident, Mr.Kunle Koya, the Chairman of Adedoyin Community Development Association called on the police to help keep the community safe by providing adequate security.

The State Police PRO, Bala Elkana, said they received a report that vandals came in through the fences of some compounds to vandalize cars and steal parts like batteries and ECB. He said their team visited the scene and saw the vehicles and that investigations have begun, to apprehend the culprits.

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