Can this happen in Nigeria? 2m Hong Kong protesters step aside for Ambulance to pass


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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In a rare show of humanity, civilization and maturity, 2m Hong Kong protesters paused their protest to make way for an ambulance passing through the throng. Watch the video here!

In a remarkable video online via twitter, which has been viewed 1.5m times, we see protesters in Hong Kong respectfully making way for an ambulance seeking a way through. This raised a lot of comments on the social media platform, and also engendered questions bordering on “can this happen in Nigeria and Africa?”

The protesters are an estimated 2 million in record number and are peacefully agitating against extradition law. Police has used water cannons and tear gas on them but the protest has continued strong.

It is not immediately apparent from the video where the ambulance was headed, however the civilized way in which the hundreds of thousands on the frontlines parted for ambulance has since attracted great admiration from around the world.


Moses must have felt like this when the Red Sea parted

In Nigeria, there are speculations that such a thing might prove near impossible to occur. However we do know Nigerians to be caring people also, and who knows, they could take a lesson from this.

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See how Nigerians react to the event!



Nigerian comments on the video

You can watch full video here!

Hong Kong protestors quickly make way for ambulance

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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