Parents will like this: Honda sound sitter which calms down your crying babies!


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What’s more wonderful than a toy car which not only can please your little babies but also coax them when they cry? We proudly present you the Honda Sound Sitter!

It comes no surprise to hear the baby crying sound, especially when they’re hungry, cranky or just need parents’ attention. This causes lots of troubles and weariness to their caretakers. Understanding that, Japanese auto manufacturer Honda has designed Honda Sound Sitter in the shape of a toy car, which can tackle the issue. Let's check it out on


The Honda sound sitter soothes fussy babies!

As you may not know, the sound of car engines has a soothing effect to calm down baby’s nerves because it’s similar to the sound that babies have heard since they were in their mother womb, explained on Honda's website.

On the designing process, researchers in the company have tried out sounds from 37 different vehicle engines such as the Accords models, the Integras and the Civic, etc and finally identified the NSX engine sound offers the most effect. When it’s brought into the test on newborn babies and ones aged six to 18 months old, over 90 percent of them experienced the comfort and their heart rates were alleviated.


The sound of the NSX engine was packaged into the toy car

The Honda Sound Sitter is a red toy car with Honda label and speakers inside. As turning on the button remotely, the car would release the unique sound, which can calm down babies, makes them feel safe and enjoy the trip with their family.

Honda has no plan to start mass production of this toy car. Instead, they make the sounds from Integra Type R, the S2000, and the NSX available online so that parents can easily download and play it for their babies. 


The toy car, if it’s brought into mass production, would be welcomed by many parents


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