Honda electric cars will get smart cameras instead of conventional side mirrors


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You need to check out these new smart cameras installed in electric cars of Honda. These e-side mirrors prove much higher efficiency than the traditional ones. Watch the video here! is your best source for cutting-edge tech trends in the local and global auto industry! We bring you all the best auto-related technology gist, news and reports. Make sure you don’t miss our next one!

Recently, we got a report that Honda – the popular Japanese automaker has finally confirmed that its coming E-prototype vehicle in 2020 will have the new Honda E side camera mirror system as a standard feature.


“E-side-Camera mirror system” will be featured as standard on the coming “Honda e” all-electric car

These new compact cameras are meant to improve visibility and reduce the vehicle’s aerodynamic drag by up to 90% when compared to the conventional side mirrors found in most cars currently. The overall result is approx. 3.8% improvement for the whole vehicle itself – when it comes to its range and battery efficiency.


“E-side-Camera mirror system” ensures larger angles and better visibility

Unlike the regular side mirrors that we know today, these new cameras are comfortably contained within the car’s width. The camera’s housing unit shape is designed such that it prevents water drops from reaching the lens. Additionally, a water-repellant type of coating is also used on the surface of the lens to prevent any other possible type of water build ups.

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This is the type of dashboard view to expect in the coming “Honda e” all-electric car

This Honda E-side-camera mirror system encompasses two 6-inch screens that are both situated on the right and left sides of the vehicle’s dashboard respectively to provide real-time images of traffic around the car to the driver.

From the vehicle’s settings, a driver gets the choices of “wide view” and “normal view”. The “wide view” extends the vehicle’s field of vision way much further compared to conventional side mirrors as well as reduces blind spots as much as 50% and approx. 10% in the “normal view”.

When a driver selects the reverse gear in this coming Honda e-car, guidelines should appear on the provided E-side-view screens combined with the already expanded visibility and enhanced camera angles to deliver even more benefits to such a driver.

  Honda e Side Camera Mirror System

A production version of this “Honda e” is expected to be unveiled in the later part of this year 2019 already.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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