Honda is set to recall close to 1 million vehicles with risky airbag


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Honda is set to recall up to a million vehicles from the United States and Canada for having very dangerous Takata airbags. Click here for more!

Many of these automakers understand the importance of effective safety airbags being installed in their vehicles before being released into the market. Some will not hesitate to even recall those vehicles back if they do not pass the safety tests whether by the manufacturer itself or even through customers’ reviews. Such is the case with Honda, who is very likely to recall around a million vehicles from places such as United States and Canada over a dangerously installed Takata safe airbag in their vehicles.

This was evident in a recent document posted by the Canadian safety regulator which shows the second time Honda will be recalling its popular models over safety issues. These models that will be recalled range from 2001-2010 models. Though there are just 84,000 units of that only in Canada, but there are lots more in United States.


The Takata airbags present in these recalled models, when exploded can be very catastrophic

The Honda models that will be recalled include CR-V (2002-2006), Honda Accord (2001-2007), Honda Civic (2001-2005), Element (2003-2010), Odyssey (2002-2004), Pilot (203-2008) and 2006 Ridgeline. It will also affect the luxury models of Acura such as MDX (2003-2006), EL (2001-2005), TL (2002-2003) and the CL model starting from 2003. These vehicles are those that have been previously recalled and those that had their safety airbag set up after collision.

Takata Loses Honda Over Faulty Air-Bag Scandal

The Takata airbag technology makes use of a chemical known as ammonium nitrate, which is used to inflate the airbag through an explosion. There is high possibility for such chemical to deteriorate with time as a result of cycle change in temperature (hot-cold) or even due to very high humidity. When it blows too fast, it causes problem for passengers in the car by hurling shrapnel into all the occupants in that car. This has led to loss of 23 lives globally with many severely injured.

The recall will definitely be one of the biggest in US automobile industry till date and overly 70 million will be recalled including other brands. If you are using such car, you will be asked to get your inflator replaced at a dealer shop you got it from.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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