Honda issues recall for more than 1.4million cars due to faulty fuel pumps


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The Japanese automaker, Honda has issued out a new recall for over 1.4 million vehicles globally due to issues with the fuel pump of the affected models. Read more!

The popular Japanese car manufacturer, Honda has recently issued a new recall for over 1.4 million cars globally because of detected issues with the fuel pumps of the affected vehicles. This new recall includes many of the popular models like the NSX, Acura RDX, RLX, Honda Fit, HR-V, Accord, Civic Hatchback, and Civic Type-R.


Japanese auto giant, Honda recalls more than 1.4million cars including popular models over fuel pump issues

Recalls have always been something unavoidable for most popular automakers in the world because large-scaled production of cars usually causes some units to have few defects here and there. Sometimes ago, we even published a post about the 7 worst recalls ever in the auto industry which includes recalls from popular brands like Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Honda as well.

This is probably another “bad” time for Honda after the NHTSA recently published the Japanese automaker’s new recall documents on the 28th of May 2020. The document revealed that defective impellers in the affected models could lead to complete failure or malfunction of the fuel pumps located in the fuel tanks of the vehicles. What’s even worse is that the affected cars could later begin to experience a power failure and unnecessary stalling due to faulty impellers in them.

Below is a list of the specific models listed in recently revealed Honda’s recall document;

  • Honda NSX (2018 – 2019 models)
  • Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, RLX, and RDX (2019 models)
  • Honda Insight (2019 – 2020 models)
  • Honda Fit (2019 model)
  • Honda HR-V, Civic Type R, Civic Hatchback (2019 models)
  • Honda Accord (2018 – 2019 models)


Many of the popular Honda models produced between 2018 and 2019 are affected in the company’s new recall

According to reports, the automaker says it is yet to receive any record of crashes caused by these faulty fuel pumps from any region of the world. Nonetheless, Honda has announced that it will begin notifying affected customers by ending of July and will replace the fuel pumps of all affected vehicles for free.

Coincidentally, a Youtuber made a video a few months back about similar Honda recall due to possible fire risk. See the video below;

  CHECK OUT this recall that has made some 2018-2020 Honda vehicle catch on fire! Accord or civic?

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