Back in the days: Japanese version of a the classic Mini - The Honda N600


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Did you know that popular Japanese automaker, Honda made its N600 model as Japan’s version of the British Mini? Find out more in this article!

Back in the ‘60s, popular Japanese automaker – Honda released the N600 model which was obviously its best take on the British Mini that was gaining so much popularity in Japan during that time. This was one clear picture of how competitive the automotive industry has been right from the beginning and even today.


Honda unveiled its N600 model back 1960 to compete with the British Mini which was already gaining popularity in Japan back then

The history of Honda is one that is filled with a lot of interesting stories which inspired us at to publish a post sometimes ago revealing 10 things people probably do not know about Honda. Looking back at the automaker’s history again, we recall the Honda N600 “portable” city car. It was simply Honda’s version of the British Mini during the ‘60s that also fits within ruling Japanese “Kei” automobile regulations at that time.

A crucial part of the Kei regulations limits car engines to a maximum of 360cc back then so, Honda first developed a model called N360 which was air-cooled, smaller, and comes with 4-stroke, and a 2-Cylinder 354cc engine that outputs 31hp. It was the breakthrough Honda car that was easier to purchase, register, and also insure when compared to the British Mini as of its time.


Before the Honda N600, the Japanese automaker first rolled out the N360 which successfully competed with the British Mini

Just after the N360, the Japanese automaker launched the Honda N600 which was simply a larger version of the N360 but also with a bigger 4-stroke, 4-Cylinder, 598cc air-cooled engine that delivered 45hp. Quite an impressive improvement isn’t it?

Take a closer look at a 1972 Honda N600 in this review video below to see more details of the Mini-like vintage car;

VFR800-Powered, RWD 1972 Honda N600 - One Take

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