Can Honda-e help Honda to beat the Tesla on home soil?


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Honda is making a bold move towards getting into the US's electric vehicle market, which will make it one of Tesla's rival in the US. Check below the carmaker's plan for its Honda-e!

Good news for US based Honda enthusiasts who are also hopeful about a true Honda EV in the US bearing the automaker's insignia.

Turns out Honda is planning to launch into the electric automobile market in a really big way by building a platform for electric auto manufacture, generally referred as "Honda-e". Such a move will assertively make the Japanese auto firm a major player into the increasingly lucrative electric auto market in the US, as well as transforming it into Tesla’s main competition.

Honda models currently available in US dealerships are traditional fuel guzzlers, leaving US Honda customers salivating as they look across the Pacific to Honda’s compact sedan, Honda e, only available in Europe for now.

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The Honda e has conquered Europe, is it about to take on America

Honda has indicated that the planned modular platform in Honda-e is still sometime in its future though, with earliest projections looking towards 2025. Amongst other expectations, the platform when operational will make a long sought rear wheel drive EV a reality.

Additionally, Honda expects to cash in optimally as the new platform will enable the automaker build different body types, spanning SUVs, sedans and trucks.

Says Honda’s spokesperson, Ayumu Matsuo, for power unit development:

"This new architecture is designed to achieve smooth driving and highly efficient packaging. We believe it will meet the needs of customers who like our C-segment and D-segment models.”

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