Honda plans to cut down model trims by 2025


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More shaking in the automotive industry in a week full of them. Now Honda talks of plans to reduce trim choices to 33% of available numbers now. See their reasons below!

While revealing plans for Honda’s future, Honda CEO, Takahiro Hachigo has announced the introduction of a new global platform that will be known as ‘Honda Architecture.’ This announcement coincided with the unveiling of the Honda E electric city car production name, the “E”. According to Honda, the proposed facility will increase development capability and make parts-sharing between the models easier so long as they are from the same platform.

Honda is not the first to have taken these measures as Toyota did the same with its TNGA architecture; as did Volkswagen on its MQB platform. Thus, Honda is joining the league in a bid to stay afloat against its strong rivals.


Honda Accord is one of Honda's top models

Without making mention of which model to first roll off the platform, speculations are strong in the favor of a 2021 model since the vehicles will debut next year. Honda also said that Honda Fit which is in its third generation will be getting a next generation version for its i-MMD hybrid system.

Still speaking on the new development, Honda added that by 2025 it will decrease the total amount of variations at the trim and option levels for its global models to one-third of what is currently available. Honda further revealed its objective to top efficiency by eradicating and consolidating some “same regional models” into models shared across multiple regions. This development is remarkable for the company because it is known to have always few more varieties when compared to other companies. This may lead to less choices and varieties for its customers. This could also lead to the conjunction of some top-tier trims and some powertrain merging.

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The 2020 Honda CRV, cuts in trims options could affect customers' preferences in cars like this

Honda also released a statement to say that it will also clarify its production model allocation at every point. In the statement, Honda explained the application of its two-motor hybrid system for all the lineup of Honda vehicles by 2025. This includes a well compact system that is quite satisfactory for small sized cars. Though, there weren't any discussions on the plug-in hybrids or huge adaption of the pure electric vehicle other than the Honda E. The only solid fact is that Honda is in conjunction with GM to jointly develop EVs.

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