Honda cars are most likely to become targets of car thieves


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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An arrested car thief shared his favorite targets – Honda cars and reasoned why.

Last week, Yemi Adeoye was caught red-handed in Ondo town while he was trying to steal a Honda CRV of a journalist. He was then transferred to police headquarters of Ondo state at where he confessed to have stolen thirty-two Honda CRVs just during 2 years.

Car thief arrested in Nigeria

Yemi Adeoye, the car jacker with a record of 32 Honda CRVs stolen

According to our updates, this infamous thief had been caught more than 3 times before but managed to get freed by the court. The previous act of Adeoye was in Shasha area of Akure where he attempted to steal an Olanipekun’s Toyota. He was arrested then but hired lawyer for court service. And to pay for the lawyer, he continued his job with 2 successfully stolen Honda CRVs. He was caught in the third time.

Sharing with the journalist, Adeoye said he often targeted Honda cars as they were easy to unlock and get disposed of. Two abovementioned Honda CRVs were sold to a tailor named Ayeni Paul with N680,000 in total. Abiola, a vulcanizer helped to deliver these cars to the buyer.

Honda CRV on road

Honda CRV owners would want to keep a more watchful eye on their cars

After the arrest of Adeoye, police force also called upon Waheed Anifowose – another vulcanizer specialized in selling stolen cars for further investigation.

As for 3 recent cars stolen by Adeoye, including 2 Honda CRV Jeeps and a Toyota Corolla numbered SS 719 AAA have been confiscated to pay back for their owners.

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