EPA Trend report - Honda automobile tops in fuel economy


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According to the recent report by EPA in the United States, Honda has been voted the most fuel efficient car in the country. For more, click here!

If there is one thing Nigerians do not joke about when thinking of a car to buy, is definitely how much efficient it is in fuel consumption. Other factors might come up when making a decision but a car with low fuel economy is just a NO for car lovers.

Honda cars are the most fuel efficient

In recent event, according to the report by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, Honda has topped the fuel efficiency automobiles in the country. This means that Honda products are the most efficient vehicles when it comes to fuel economy and lowest emission of CO2 by any car produced by automaker in 2017.

Also in 2019, the same EPA ranked Honda as the most fuel efficient brand using United States average fuel economy at 24.9mpg, which is a 5-year improvement from 3.1 and 4.5 miles per gallon. This is far above the automotive industry average in 2017. In similar event, Honda’s fleet average emission of CO2 reaches an all-time low in the industry at 302 grams per mile. This is a tremendous improvement from the 36 grams per mile that was possible in 2012 and additional 55 grams per mile on the 2017 average emission rate for cars produced in that year.


With reduced CO2 emission and fuel efficiency, Honda products should definitely be at the top of your list

According to Robert Bienenfeld, the assistant Vice President of Energy and Environmental Policy at the American Honda Motors, believes that Honda is very excited and proud at being in the fore-front in taking a pro-active role towards a much more efficient, low emission in future automobile and a resounding profits being made by the automotive industry. This is regardless of the low prices of fuel in the country and the continued shift of attention to SUVs and trucks. He also believes that there are still lots of work to be accomplished. By acknowledging the landmark in sales and manufacturing of electric vehicles by Honda, there is significant commitment in improving on the performance of fuel efficiency.

Coming to the world scene, The Japanese automobile, Honda has an intention to introduce electric powered vehicles by 2030. This will cover two-third of the company’s automobile production. Thus, the company is investing heavily in manufacturing and releasing full electrified vehicles into the US automotive market. This includes the most recent Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Insight, Acura MDX Sport Hybrid and Acura NSX super car (hybrid).

Focus of Honda on environmental sustainability

Honda is tirelessly working and confronting environmental challenges by using latest and advanced technologies in proffering substantive solutions to those concerns especially in the area of energy. That is why there is lot of work put into making electric powered vehicles which will span across 2/3 of its entire production, a possibility. This means that, in North America to be precise, Honda Electrification Initiative (HEI) will make sure that the electric powertrain technology by Honda is being deployed to its increasing fleet of vehicles in the nearest future. You should know that the company’s electrified line-up technology currently in the market include a fuel cell, clarity in different series of vehicle, plug-in powertrains (hybrid) and electric battery.

2019 Honda CR-V HYBRID Perfomance and fuel Economy

The company is also making an effective effort in reducing how its products affect the environment throughout their lifespan. This implies waste reduction, emission and improved energy efficiency. This will be made possible in the production and distribution of Honda and Acura products across the North America. This also comprises the waste sent to the landfills from 93 percent reduction at the Honda plants located at North America.

The company is working towards environmental responsibility in its business dealings 1300 retail partners and 650 genuine equipment distributors through its “green purchasing’ and “green dealer” initiative.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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