Over 200,000 Honda Accord are recalled in China over engine glitch


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Honda is concerned about the safety of its customers and is set to recall 222,674 Honda Accord models in China over an engine glitch. Read the details!

Honda Motor Company, Ltd, in conjunction with Guangzhou Automobile Group Company Ltd, has made a public announcement over its plan to recall 222,674 Honda Accord for sale in China. This is coming after the company's Chinese customers took to social media to lay several complaints concerning the car engine's quality.

Reports reaching Naijauto say the recall is as a result of the car's 1.5T turbocharged engine's intercooler which became faulty. According to China's governmental regulatory authority called SAMR, the engine of the car can lose speed in order to protect the car, in certain situations.

Lately, Accord owners have been posting videos on Weibo which showed the sedan model losing speed. A lot of the owners demanded that the model be recalled.

The Guangzhou Automobile Group Company (GAGC) will set up devices that will increase the engine's intercooler air flow rate.

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GAGC will fix it by setting up devices that will increase the engine's intercooler air flow rate

China, which happens to be the world's largest car market, recorded a decline in the total vehicles sold for 12 straight months. And top auto bodies in the industry has predicted the country will experience another fall.

Notwithstanding, Honda pulled in more sales in the Chinese market when compared with the global market. Local dealers in China saw a 20.5% rise in the sale of Honda vehicles because of the modification done on some variants.

Three months ago, Honda recalled about 118,598 CR-V SUV 2019 models over airbag defect.

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