Is the Honda Accord to be discontinued?


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Is all well with the Accord or will it be discontinued? Honda's new loyalty bonus to existing Honda Accord customers to make them remain loyal to the model is seen as a warning signal.

Very hard to believe!!!

The Honda Accord cars are no doubt a common sight on our roads, not just within the country, but on several other roads across the globe. The cars are in fact front-runners among many and are synonymous with trustworthiness, perfect design, and great driving experience. So why are some people saying that the Honda Accord may soon be discontinued?

1. Honda constantly offers discounts to boost Accord sales

Habitually, Honda is not known to hand out too many discounts in order to boost sales. However, with the sudden upsurge in incentives even with its most iconic and previous best selling products being offered with thrilling discounts, we are not exactly sure what the deal is. But, what we are sure of is that the automaker doesn't necessarily need all of those incentives. Sales have always peaked without any form of enticement, so why the new fuss? 


Is the Honda Accord simply waiting for the end?

According to a reliable source, there is an ongoing discount for both Honda's midsize sedan, the Accord alongside the hybrid version, totaling a whopping $750 per purchase. Tagged a “loyalty bonus”, it is automatically attached to any new Honda Accord product bought by current owners of Honda vehicles.

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2. Discounts don't mean discontinuation

This is, without doubt, an initiative to retain customers and hold sales steady. It is most unusual of course as far as Honda is concerned. There are speculations that it is in response to drastically reduced sales. The previous year, sales could have been much better, especially when juxtaposed with the year before. Honda's sales records five years ago were about 388,374 units sold across the U.S. Honda has made sweeping policy changes to accommodate developments.

The new efforts are seen in the light of a bid to retain customers. However, the $750 loyalty bonus applies majorly to current owners of any 2009 or newer Honda models. More so, the promotion can be utilized with members of the same household, with Trades-in avoided at all costs.


The Honda Accord 2019; the nameplate may no survive the onslaught of the SUV scourge

Honda royalty incentives are set to expire on July 8. However, it is important to note that the $750 (~N270,000) is not a major price drop for just any new Honda vehicle. Chances are that the loyalty incentive is another major mechanism (apart from quality) used to tempt owners of the Honda Accord models back to Honda dealers.

Honda has indicated no plans as yet to stop making the Honda Accord, but in the case where buyers keep trading in sedans for SUVs and crossovers, no one is entirely sure of the next line of action.

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