This holographic wrapped Tesla Model 3 is just mesmerizing!


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What is the most impressive car wrap you have ever seen? Whatever that might be, the one you are about to see in this post will certainly top that!

Unlike us commoners whose cars are purely for transportation purpose, many others use cars as a way to show off their wealth and social status. To them, cars are like a special kind of jewelry that both men and women can wear.

Got bored of owning multiple luxury cars, the rich are now having another way to express their personality in their own way, through exotic wraps! For example, the Bugatti you'd see below is the result of a special customization work that cost up to N5.6 million. The bodywork comprises two sophisticated tones and some additional details, which took around 100 days from start to finish.


Apparently, owning a Bugatti is no longer a rarity, owning a customized Bugatti does!

But that's not the superstar of our article today. Sophisticated as the Bugatti may seem, its composition is still a tad simple and monotonous, when being seen from afar. The highlight of today's article is this Tesla model 3 below. This car will surely turn a lot of heads on the street with this holographic wrap. It's like you're looking at a holographic puzzle that can actually move! 

You'll surely become the heart of any party if you go there driving a car like this 

When some of us are still struggling to buy our first car, some people already got a bunch of them, and some even paint their car like that! Do you think it's a waste of money?

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