Watch the holographic Lamborghini Aventador SVJ of the famous NY divorce lawyer!


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The holographic chrome Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is beauty to behold with coloured LEDs, chrome purple accents and pinstripes. See pictures and details here!

When it comes to customizing cars, people can really go extra mile in bringing their imaginations right into their super-expensive cars. No doubt, every Lamborghini model is quite costly. Only a fragment of the world’s population will get to own at least one in a lifetime. Styling car in its pure form is an art. This Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is a big testament to that.


This holographic chrome Aventador SVJ is a one-of-a-kind expensive supercar that looks so tasty to the eyes

This Aventador SVJ with holographic chrome design is currently in New York, USA, and you will agree with us that it is massively unique. It belongs to a popular divorce attorney of this city, Bryan Salamone.

The possibility of seeing similar design anywhere else in the world is slim. Despite the extinct of normal chrome wrap from auto fashion few years back, this particular model offers chrome that shimmers from every angle, in a number of different and stunning colours such as shades of blue and purple.


With shades of purple and blue, this beautiful chrome wrap has brought the dream of the owner right to life

To further complement the jaw-dropping outside look of this Aventador, it comes fitted with pinstripes and chrome purple accents to give us that complete elegance.

Just when we were done with surprises, the owner still had few tricks under his sleeves, by adding different kinds of coloured LEDs around the doors and side air intakes to give it that adventurous look.

As for now, the manufacturer’s range-topping Aventador-based model is SVJ but we learnt here on Naijauto that a new model was teased last year October by the Squadra Corse Racing division of the company, set to offer V12 6.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with at least 830 horsepower before the end of 2019. The new model will only be limited to track-use only and just 40 examples of such will be produced.

Sick Holographic Chrome Lamborghini Aventador SVJ!!!

The standard $517,770 (~N187.2 million) Aventador SVJ comes fitted with a V12 engine with an output of 770 horsepower and 531-pound feet of torque. The four-wheel-drive has a top speed of 217 mph. It can accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62 mph in a remarkable 2.8 seconds.

How much will this holographic chrome Lamborghini Aventador SVJ cost in present market? Perhaps it doubles the starting price at least.

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