History of the Third Mainland Bridge - 3 things you might not know


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It used to be the longest bridge of Africa until 1996.

What we, the sons and daughters of Nigeria, are proud of aside from Lagos rings?

That may be a question that pops up in many of our minds. We love bragging with the foreigners about our greatness. Admit it, how many times you mention the hardship and creativeness of our people? We often share amongst ourselves about made-in-Nigeria commodities, the symbol of Nigerian work ethic and inventiveness, in which Lagos rings are ones of the most renowned.

But what’s aside from Lagos rings we should pride in? Surely, it’s the Third Mainland Bridge, right? But talking about it, we should mention its history, right?

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The Third Mainland Bridge

It is, in fact, the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge that is the official name of the bridge

1. The establishment of the Third Mainland Bridge - The longest bridge in Nigeria

The Third Mainland Bridge is currently the longest bridge in the country. The Third Mainland Bridge works in conjunction with 2 other bridges (the Carter and Eko bridges) connect Lagos Island with the mainland.

The bridge was commissioned in 1990 by the contemporary Head of Lagos state, General Ibrahim Babangida, being the longest bridge in entire the Africa which later was throned by the 6th October Bridge in 1996.

The Third Mainland Bridge spans 11.8 kilometers from Owonronshoki to the Adeniji Adele Interchange located in Lagos Island. In the midway on the bridge, there is a way that pave a way to Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba.

The Third Mainland Bridge at night

It used to be the longest bridge of Africa until 1996

The Lagosian always think themselves to owe the special love and gratefulness to Julius Berger Nigeria PLCm, a giant in the construction industry of Nigeria. Of course, it’s irrefutable that the Raji-Rasaki-led Lagos state government and Babangida-led Federal government were worth their credit in the construction of the Third Mainland Bridge.

From the dawn of the bridge, it has been significantly perked up not only the economy of Lagos but also been a key contributor for the Economy of Nigeria. The bridge with its brilliant civil engineering has proved the company along with the government’s vision towards the future.

Video: Welcome to Lagos: Lagos3rd Mainland Bridge Lagos Nigeria an engineering wonder

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2. Its official name is not Third Mainland Bridge

As mentioned earlier, The Third Mainland Bridge was the name for the third bridge of 3 bridges that connect Lagos Island to the mainland. It becomes so popular that overshadows its official name “Ibrahim Babangida Bridge”.

3. Throughout the history of the Third Mainland Bridge: How many times of repair and the costs?

As revealed by General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in an interview, the eight-lane  3rd Mainland Bridge was built with less than N1n of investment.

By 2016, commuters crossing the bridge hit out at the bridge’s constructor for the vibration they felt during their drives on the bridge and cried out for urgent repair but the government had been neglecting the crisis for a long time before the upgrading of the bridge was executed on 8 July and completed on 30 October 2012. The cost for the 2012 repair was said to be even more than N1 billion.

The Third Mainland Bridge viewed from above

In spite of eight lanes, the traffic jams still happen daily in the bridge

In August 2018, it was closed down for investigation Maintenance Test in an attempt to improve the thorny situation of traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge, which might denote another upgrade for the bridge in the near future.

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